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Blueka's "Pickle" Registry....

Since 2005 when I bought "Betty", my UK Explorer, I've wanted a sport...

well, now that I live in Canada, the chance has presented itself for me to get one...

This one.... it's a 99 sport, 4.0 SOHC... it's a total write off for the moment... but when I saw the advert on Kijiji I couldn't say no. It needed some love and I wanted a project to get stuck into, so I did my research and found out how much parts are gonna cost me etc etc.

So. I present.. Pickle.. (cos it's green and in a right mess)

Explorer vin x.jpg
Explorer vin E 2.jpg
Explorer vin E.jpg
Explorer vin E 1.jpg

Probably back to Saskatchewan. See how things go. At least I'll be nearer