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Completed Project Brandon's mild 4.0 OHV build

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
So, as of 5 hours ago Ronin8002, or James' built OHV block became mine; and with the stea.. I mean deal I got and all the extra goodies he threw in, he seemed a little too happy to get rid of this thing :shifty_ey... lol! But WOW this thing is in good shape! As a christmas gift from my parents, I've been given the opportunity to really dig into an engine like I've always wanted to do. I've watched and assisted a couple chevy 350 builds over the past few months but have never done anything by myself.. so here goes nothin!

The Meat (James' Block):
- 1995 block bored .030 over and torque honed
- Keith Black Hypereutectic 1995 Style Pistons (staying around 9:1)
- Total Seal piston rings
- Clevite bearings
- Stock Water pump/timing cover (awesome shape!)
- Stock Fuel Rail
- SOHC Oil pump/pan - to strengthen up the bottom end
-- Possible port/polish on the lower intake, we'll see when I get there

The Goodies:
- Comp Cams 49-422-8 Cam
- Comp Cams 988-12 dual valve springs
- 95tm heads with minor porting/polishing

(on the way, supposedly 11/28/10)
- SI sev2027 and sev2028 valves
- Delta Cam rockers
and pushrods will come later down the road when properly measured

I'm going to keep a diary as things progress on the motor, once I get all the parts in it really should start coming together quickly. I'm down for any type of constructive criticism you have, if you don't like the way I'm doing something PLEASE let me know, as this will be my true first solo go at an engine! JD4242 has really given me a lot of direction when it comes to the 4.0, by reading through his posts in the forums I'm still baffled by the amount of knowledge he has of these things. So, many thanks to you JD!

First order of business, I need help tracking down a full gasket kit, reasonably priced as the budget is dwindling down, I hear an ebay seller has them for around $130??, as well as new head stud/bolts. I'm not feeling ARP's $400 set of head bolts/studs. Does anyone have any suggestions or leads on either?

Thanks for lookin! Here's a couple of teaser pics! Pics of the motor when I get it all unpackaged and on a stand.



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ergg.. So I guess the last thing to suspect wold be the MAF. Even though it's getting/giving proper voltage. Maybe's it's just screwing up during driving.

ive never been able to hold a dead on steady rpm and dont think with this cam you will be able too,thats just normal.but the mpg thing i have no clue,what mpg are you really getting?if it runs good a gets good mpg,just stop looking at that damn screen!!

wait you did say it was a hybrid......just a really good one hahahah:D:D

lol JD..

The only thing that's really pissing me off is I can feel an extensive amount more power when the truck is getting the air/fuel mixture right, and it's very obvious when it's getting it wrong/rich.

Like I'm talking 21+mpg and 10mpg @ 65mph.. ERGG!!!

I'm looking into the MAF today if it doesn't rain, may go pick up a junker and throw it in. I'm pretty sure I can pick up an MAF off any 2nd Gen, or EGR'ed, OHV right? What about the SOHC's?

Double and triple check your all the wiring harness pins are seated in the PCM - I swapped computers from an auto to manual when I swapped transmissions and my idle went from perfect to terrible. Turns out one pin popped out the back of the PCM - replugged it and it ran perfect.

Check your CPS - maybe the new cam is throwing the computer off due to its different duration?

I spent the last 20 minutes skimming the thread - have you gotten a tune yet?

CPS is new/clean and workin' properly. Nope, no tune, just haven't had the extra funds to get it done yet, I keep running into unforseen payments and problems this thing is giving me.

The only reason I haven't sucked it up and put a tune on it is because of it's ability to run perfect sometimes, but other times run like complete crap. It's really hard to explain but I feel as if it's a hard part/sensor issue rather than a tuning issue. Though I am fully aware of the benefits of a tune to assist all of the work I have done, I just want to be sure all my stuff is working properly before I put money into a tune.

I think I've narrowed it down to some sort of MAF issue. I tried cleaning it this evening and running it around, still ran like crap HOWEVER, I did come up with this;

When I start the truck up with the MAF plugged in, it runs like crap. I then unplug the MAF with the truck running, it straightens out and runs fine. No RPM surge no nothing. It idles and when warm stays within a 50rpm fluctuation, and it runs like a dream on the road.

If I turn it off with the sensor unplugged and try to start it back up leaving the MAF unplugged, it runs like crap, tries to stall whenever I put it into D and stalls most of the time I try to accelerate from a stop. also this is when the CEL, MAF-p0102, get's thrown (after I start it up without the MAF plugged in)

I'm reeeaaally beginning to think this is definitely an MAF issue. It just decides to act up when it feels like it and hide when I search for the problem.

After all the blood, sweat, hours etc you have put into lets hope it is only the MAF!

Did you ever get the problem solved? I was told that sea foam can fowl plugs...

Yup, Im feeling for you too Brandon. Ive been living constant issues also. Im not doing anything other than fixing broken stuff for a while. It seems with our aging trucks that anything touched breaks. I just replaced my rad. Hopefully when I get my front end noises sorted out I'll be ok for winter.

Let us know how your making out.

i think we should have a truck pull off!!!!!:burnout: :)

Im pretty sure I've got more tq expescially with my gears;)

nahhh. if all else fails. floor it, shoot craploads of black smoke to disorient you then win lol

now you got me thinking about having a pull contest with you for real lol

you talking about With the diesel.pfff ill pass on that

Ok you in 2wd me in 4x4 and we chain axle to axle ok.otherwise your way heaver and way to high to hook to bumper.that thing is prob only in the 300s for tq.

Just now got back into this forum.. crap I've missed a lot.

Dono, everything's fixed, turned out to be a bad TPS, and a bad "SSB" - Shift Solenoid B, or 2nd gear.. causing the truck to jerk in and out of Overdrive.

Freddy, JD... once I get my transmission fixed (that I fried up in GWNF wheeling with you guys).. I'm down for a couple truck pulls.

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Congratulations Brandon!
Im still fighting with mine. Its always at least 1 thing I'm dealing with. I have a lower ball joint with at least 1/4 inch up/down play in it that needs to be tackled right away, and now my motor started running rough at idle. Im jealous you have yours working as it should. Maybe I should pay you to get mine working.