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Change power windows etc to manual?


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July 14, 1999
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'93 Ranger XLT 4X4
I have power windows lock and mirrors on my truck (94 B4000), but windows are dead, mirrors and locks are starting to not work. Plus the interior panels are pretty beat up.
I have a pair of Ranger doors that are manual everything that I bought to swap on, they’re in pretty nice shape.
The truck is blue, the new doors are white.
Now I’m thinking instead of dealing with painting the doors to match the truck, I could strip the doors down to metal, and swap over all the internals and the interior panels, and not have to paint. 😉
I have no idea how feasible that is, or if it’s actually more work/ money than painting the doors.
Has anyone done this?
I searched and found a few threads asking about swapping power windows to manual, and all the answers are to just fix the power windows...

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If the Ranger doors will fit, just swap them in and paint! Or, easier, paint first then swap. Not sure how the power locks would switch over. I've read on this forum that first gen Xes power window setups are a bit different/hazardous setup than my 2nd gen. Having small/thin arms and hands I've been elected to fix up various window issues on different vehicles over the years. And can say it's a PITA - worse if your hands/arms are larger.

I agree with Joney. Doing work in the doors is a PITA.

I removed all the power from my BII years ago, installed manual cranks in my existing doors. This is not that hard people
Cut the rivets flush with a grinder and knock the center in with a punch, now the power motors come out and you can bolt in the crank system
You may have to use the other door panels so the switches go away and you get the right holes for the crank mechanism

Now pull all the wires out
The doors get MUCH LIGHTER
In a 88 Bronco II the power window and lock harness ran all the way around the radiator was a ton of wiring... now less weight and less mess!!

Park a new door next to the power door and with the panels off have a look see, I bet you decide it is easier then you thought, especially on the older trucks like your 94

It's not that easy either ;) I hate doing windows.

I am known as "the door doctor" because I always have to fix the stuff nobody else would....
My hands have spent countless hours inside Gen II doors thanks to the crappy drivers door master switch.,...........and all those little nylon rod holders and little springs.......yuck!!

Somebody has to do it!!