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Check Engine Light issues and rough idle


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July 1, 2013
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Detroit, Michigan
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02 Explorer XLT 4x4 4.6
For my 2002 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT 4.6 I have codes P0401 P0152 and P1151 for my check engine light codes. These are I guess for exhaust gas recirculation flow and or O2 sensors. Engine is rough idling when in park or stopped and engine power seems to be a tad bit less than what it used to be. I have heard this could be one of three things a vacuum leak, a bad O2 sensor, or a bad EGR valve.. Also the car gets a bit jerky almost like it is choking up at cruising speeds (40-50mph) when the RPM's are low and I step on the pedal a bit and it seems go get worse as the engine heats up to normal operating temperatures. Any help or steering in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Note: Have a new intake and manifold as coolant was leaking but has since stopped with new intake.. Thanks.

What is the engine coolant temperature gauge showing? If it's less than halfway when at operating temps, you probably have a bad t-stat. Had the same symptoms on an '02 EB 4x4, popped in a t-stat for about $10 and problem fixed.

Temp is right in the middle, T-stat was replaced a little less than a year ago.