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Clear COrners

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cost me about 65 on ebay (55+s/h) try this guy, i bought mine from him


I got mine from for about $65 including shipping. BTW, udmsvt, I am the guy that you gave directions to for installing them about a month ago. Thanks a lot!

oh, no did they help?

The directions helped a lot, don't know if I could of done it without them. Thanks again!

no problem, pleasure to be of service.

Here you go, I bought mine a little cheaper or I guess about the same in

That's where I bought mine, let me see if there's a pic of them.
The got them for $64.00;)

Got mine off eBay also.


Hmm.. The ones I've been seeing on ebay lately are either just the corner lenses, or just the turn signal for ~$50.

So that would be $100+ for a set of clear corners plus shipping.


dirty lenses

ive got clears up front as well but the stock headlamps are cloudy and dirty can i make those clear'er looking?

re: metalhed

some companies do sell the lower and side parts seperately, as a metter of fact APC even makes some of teh lower ones but if you go to you can get the set of them for 64.


i am starting to have the same problem with headlamps and tail could try to take them out, let them dry out, re-sel the edges and get a new bulb gasket or just buy a new set. i plan on just buying new ones that way if one breaks, i will have another. you can get a set for about 100 wihich includes the brackets.

thats where i'm getting my clear corners ( and my euro lights. i just don't know where to get fog lights for a 94.

i have seen kits on e-bay before. are you going with oem explorer style or aftermarket, or maybe the ranger stx 93-97 style? i mounted mine in that little insert in the middle of the bumper. that piece comes out and i just ran power lines and a relay to come on with my parkling was kinda hard to find a light that would fit it though.

i think those second ones are the ones made by APC..but they dont make the top ones.

paid the big bucks and got mine from EE. wish i would have waited and bought off ebay, but they aren't yellowing at least.

Now that I look at an old CC statement, I bought my clears off - Part # 9194EXP-CL , they were a little under $55 shipped.