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November 18, 2012
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2011 Explorer FWD base
I get an occassion clunk while driving over certain types of road imperfections (almost always first thing in the morning, driving out of my driveway, where the apron meets the road), and on moderate braking. This is different than the clunk it has when I turn the wheel in a parking lot.

It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen.....

I had the brakes inspected, caliper pins lubed, new brake pads etc - no difference before or after (made this clunk/pop/buckling noise before).

I had new lower ball joints (Moog) put on. Upper ball joints look fine.

I did notice that the sway bar link (driver side only) bushing is not flush again against the frame, the passenger side is. It might be overtight - I dont know....I am thinking it might be them ? I sprayed some silicone in/on them and in the sway bar bushing - no difference. I've replaced half a dozen cars with the ball joint style sway bar link, but not these rod type. I dont know what failure looks like/sounds like vs the ball joint style sway bar link.

Any thoughts ?