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clutch pedal hard as a rock!! HELP !! :(


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October 10, 2013
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Riverside, OH
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2002 Explorer Sport Trac
Long story short, new clutch assembly, including flywheel installed last July... parked truck in mid September last year due to engine issue...just got back up and running :), drove it about 40 miles or so last night, and it drove great, clutch felt fine, shifted with no issues.... Went to start up this morning and the clutch pedal feels like a brick wall, will not move at all.... checked the fluid, was fine... no signs of anything leaking? Something has gone desperately wrong, and I am a desperate woman wanting her truck back on the road.... any suggestions on what you think it may be... my thought, either the disc or pressure plate has seized up??? Any and all suggestions or tips to free it up will be greatly appreciated....


Check the connection between the line and the slave cylinder. Make sure it is seated all the way.

Great, thanks, will try in the morning... I am hoping that it is something simple...dread having to drop another trani.... we got the boys 99 Ranger in our garage now, trani being rebuilt from where he tried to make a 2x go where only a beefy 4x4 could go... got to love kids....