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Cruise Control Surging


September 3, 2015
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gypsum co.
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2003 ford explorer xlt
Hello I am new to Cruise control and the Forums.
I had to replace the Throttle Body for the holder for the cruise control cable broke off. I now have a new throttle body and cruise control cable installed.
Went for test drive:
no responce to any buttons. Came home and found the cruise control cable will not stay on the post (throttle body). Have heard alot of complaints about this so i wrapped the cable around the post with wire.
Second test drive:
Pushed the power button on,pushed set button at 30 m.p.h. felt engagement and light went on dash. Explorer continued to go beyond 50 m.p.h. had to turn off power. kept hitting the set,resume,and coast with no responce.
That is it.looking for more helpful news on this issue.
Good day

Hello, unplugged power cord to speed control servo and the car battery as well. waited 15 minutes and reconnected S.C.S. and car battery.
i will do a rest ride when i get back from work later today.

Magic does exists. I fixed it with help from a women friend. My friend told me to disconnect power cord to speed control servo as well as the car battery + terminal. I reinstalled s.c.s. Power cord as well as + terminal on car battery.
Road test results: All buttons work well. Explorer stays at all set button speeds,increases and decreases with coast and set buttons.
Resume works as advertised.
So i believe i reset the onboard computer as well as the s.c.s. To make everything work as day one factory leave date.
Unreal fix.try it you may like it!