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DBlake79's Solid Axle Build Thread


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October 9, 2007
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Florissant Co
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'98 Sport SAS :)
98' Ford Explorer Sport - 4.0L Manual Trans - 2wd (but not for long)

200 amp alt.
0/1 power cable, two second battery and amp area in back.
ARB air compressor - just for rear locker at the moment.
0/1 Ground cables - to frame in several spots along frame.

Rear Axle:
Ballistic Fab - Rear Diff Cover
8.8 with disc brakes
ARB air locker
4:10 grears - going to 4.88 with the SAS
new chromoly axles/new bearings
Adapter from 5x4.5 to 6x5.5 to match Dana 44
King 2.5 remote res. 14" Shocks
Deaver Leaf Springs

Transfer Case:
WB 1354 Manual
WB 1350 Doubler

Front Axle:
Ballistic Fab - Front Diff Cover
Dana 44 - From a jeep grand wagoneer 6X5.5 (rebuilt)
4.88 Gears/ Limited slip
Radius Arm's - Fab and installed by BTF Fab
King 2.5 remote res. 16" Coilovers
Steering Box - out of a older 4x4 blazer
Coming soon (saving for ARB locker up front)

CB antenna: Wilson 5000
CB: Cobra 29
Custom built roof rack
(new winch front bumper in the plans)
TireGate rear tire gate. (may cut up and add to new rear bumper?)
Coming soon - Rock light, Rock sliders, Lights for roof rack

Steel Rims (Black) 6x5.5 3.75" Back Space
35x12.5x15 BFG KM2's (all 5 of them)


Before the SAS :)

Well I will keep updating this as the build continues/Thanks for looking

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Well I have been slacking on posting in here, so much life stuff going on....
So I will start with the clean frame!

Then we got a steering box out of a old Blazer...

and Brandon's Fab work installing it, with the Dana 44 out of the Wagoneer the space was very limited so we had to put it on the inside of the frame.

OK and here is the Dana 44 out of the Wagonreen before it got new gears and all the cool stuff...

Then the mock up with the radius arms, we were able to move the axle forward about 2"

and panhard mount and steering in progress...

And oh yeah had to post a pick of the doubler kit, this is almost the mod I am looking forward to the most out side of the SAS

Here are the frame mounts for the radius arms

The new shoes for the Ex...

OK so I looked and man I have not updated this from 9/6/11 need to get my camera back and I can bring it up to date even more but here is some of the progress. Thanks for looking and hope you guys all have a great holiday's with friends and family!!

looks good so far man! wheres the doubler from?

looks good so far man! wheres the doubler from?

Hey thanks, I should edit the OP, it is a D.D. Machine doubler "Kit" and I do stress that its a kit. It is well made and very happy with it so far, there were a few members here that said to look him up and get one from him, I did not look up his kit online or other forum's to see installs with the doubler. I called and talked to him on the phone ordered it and then found out latter that it was only plates and the shaft and stuff that came as a "KIT" from D.D. but after looking up online thats what everyone that ordered one got, so it's a TOP quality kit, I was just mad at first because I did not have it in the budget to buy the 1350 transfer case on top of the $499 for the kit, but I do say if you are looking at one it's well made and I would buy it again, next time I will read a little more before buy though, thanks again for looking

Well I am going to Colorado for the Holidays, and will be getting the Ex. back finish when I get back to Cali. so a lot of photo's and updates next year... will try and still go step by step on the updates and pic's. And man I can't wait to go on a run with it!! Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a good holidays!!

OK so I got the truck back on 1/31/12 and the SAS part is done.... still need to do some finishes on its. It needs a steering stabilizer, the full time 4wd system with a limited slip diff in it, it pulls like having a locker on it even when its not in 4wd, so it's going to get manual locking hubs. Have not had time to get any pic's yet. Hoping to get some work done on it this weekend and will start posting some more updates.

bump bump

looking to do radius arms just like this in a couple months, any update? pics to drool over? measurements to help a fellow member :)

Hey Rabbit, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
I can send you info if it's helpful to you, I have redone then twice and if it's work you can do your self I recommend doing it. I have had a bad run of shops and private help that has left a bad taste. I would not go through shops again to do this big of a job, I have spent so much and still redoing everything that's been touched on this rig. PM and I will send you what I can, I work out of town and would only be able to get the info to you on the weekends.