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Dif probs?



ok so I got new wheels and tires today... some BFG AT's 31x10.5/ 15 on some 15x8 rock crawler steel wheels....gets the job done....but they didnt have my lugs in stock so i have to wait till wednesday :( ......and my truck has stock difs wich is 3.27 gearing i believe...correct me if im wrong....the axel code is 41... i was going to regear eventually but if you keep reading i may have to sooner....

ANYWYAS.... i had my truck in my friends garage today and i was thinkin about checkin my axel because my truck makes a nasty noise engagin to reverse or drive and it sounded like rear end....so i had it on a flat surface....set the Ebrake put the tranny in nuetral... i went under the truck and i could rotate the axel like 1/8th turn....seems like my diff is worn but this may be normal.... but it doesnt do it on his silverado..... and if i have my tranny on the x in park and the ebrake off i can roll my truck back and forth like 5 inches but the axel does not rotate at all....

i dont want it to be worn....what do you guys think, i mean itll give me reason to regear and maybe drop a detroit in the back....if i do regear 4.10 or 4.56? im on 31's now maybe 33's in the future with possiblity of towing like a baja bug or jet skis or something of that nature.... i dont ever go much above 65-70 mph on the highway too...saves gas, hehe

oh also quick question unrelated my truck will cruise at 1800 RMP's on the highway at 70mph....how is everyone else doin?

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i was doing around 2750 at 70mph if i remember correctly, its been so long i cant remember, hehe

I think that 1/8 of a turn is a combination of slack in the driveline. Slack from the spider gears, slack from the gear backlash, slack in the u-joints, slack in the transfercase, and more slack in the tranny. If you were seeing that much slack from the blacklash alone, your gears would be missing teeth =P

I wouldnt worry about it, wait until you gear to 4.56 (just do it, skip 4.10), and replace everything, u-joints, gears, carrier, and if you really wanna get nitty gritty, the chain in the transfercase.

yeha mine does that too..rolls about 5in until wheels lock forward or reverse when i put it in park..sometimes if i jam it into park..it will not move (i dont do this often tho)..and i only hav 5k on a rebuilt tranny..

BMXunleashed said:
ok cool, thanks guys

i was a little worried

4.56 will make me happy, hehehe

Definitely 4.56 if you plan to tow with 33's! 4.10's/33's make a nice highway combo, but 4hi off road is pretty much useless.

On the other hand, 4.56 and 31's is going to be pretty steep on the highway.

4.10 with 31's is a nice snappy combo.

Pick your poison :)

4.56 would put you back to stock ratios running 35s smaller tires=better torque with 4.56s. Just my two cents ;)

so what should we do about our sploders rolling 5inches after we put them in park?..it cant be good for it

ExporeRanger said:
so what should we do about our sploders rolling 5inches after we put them in park?..it cant be good for it

Use your parking brake, and get rid of that POS A4LD :p