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March 11, 2014
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Goose Creek, SC
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2002 Ford Explorer Sport
I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport; I call her Dora. I got Dora in January of 2008 and have loved her ever since. I got her for college, but now after college, I can not part with her. This morning she clocked in at a little below 173 k. Every weekend project with the car, my dad goes on and on about how impressed he is with the car and how he sees no reason to depart from it. Our next project is replacing the frame to body mounts.
When I started my first professional job, this time last year, I purchased a 2007 Mustang GT California Special. I had always wanted a Mustang. However, it has been nothing more than a lawn ordainment because I spend most of my time in Dora.
Dora is 2wd, so every time I have taken her off road it ended with her being stuck. This summer, I have some side projects with her, putting a bull ring on, maybe some bigger tires or a sports muffler, something to give her more characteristics.

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