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Dr. Jack

:usa: Hopefully I am starting this thread in the proper place. I am following the ideas of other members to keep a log so to speak of the 92 Explorer now know as Dr. Jack.
It all started a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, oops,wrong story.
A while back in the spring/summer time frame of 2009. I was asked by an EF member if I ever do any 4wheeling, I told him I had done a bit in Death Valley but not much, this is when he intoduced me to the EF family. We made plans for me to join him as a rider in the CCR09 at Ouray. We did a pre-run in Moab where I meet Bronco2guy, Amy, and Chad551. Then on to Ouray where I meet a lot of fine peeps in the EF family. I had such a blast that I decided to start a project, I have always liked off roading but all the groups I meet seemed to have a "better than thou" idea.
Giving myself two years for the project, I started keeping an eye on the forum and looking around for ideas, then the 92 Explorer of Dr. John "Jack" Lobdell popped up on Craig's list in New Mexico, by following the forum I became aware of the sale, and by contact with other members I came to learn that this was a special vehicle from a special member. Lady Luck smiled on me, as I was able to use my brother's trailer to go pick up the vehicle. Robert rode with me and am I glad he did, his help was great. Got the rig back home and am now beginning to go over it, will keep upates as I go

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update bump..........

Thanks for checking on the Dr. Jack, [MENTION=270493]96EXXLTinCO[/MENTION] !.

Due to the lack of being reemployed (hopefully that will end next week, just waiting for the decision, but looking to be in my favor), the work on the Dr. Jack has been put on hold.
I have been going over in my head on the rebuild, and a few changes are going to take place on the interior of the rig. While working with [MENTION=173980]easymc[/MENTION] on the Green Buffalo, I like how he has done some of his set up and will follow his lead on a few items, we both have different ideas on how we want our rigs, but I have to admit, I do like some of his set up. Such as removing the panels in the rear of the vehicle and off of the tailgate, this does give more room and adds a few ad hoc storage spaces.

A few things I have going on in my head (about my rig) are items such as removing the center console and installing a parking brake lever there.
The rebuild is going to be centered on off-roading and not keeping it as original as possible with off-roading capacities. The rear seats will not be re-installed, and in my head I have an idea for spare part and special tool storage in that area.
It will still be going to the awesome nutbags at [MENTION=232637]Bandit Customs[/MENTION], but has been delayed until later in the fall. This also helps since they are in the process of moving to different facilities.
At the present time, the Jack is over at Easymc's, it has been stripped down along with the donor, and we just fire up the Jack and let the motor run for a bit every couple of weeks.
Hopefully, at least half of what I have planned for the Dr. Jack will become a reality!
Thanks for checking on the Jack!! :chug:

Just because physical work on the truck itself may be slow right now, doesn't mean work has stopped!! Thanks for the update, cant wait to see you going on it again!!

So dang true!! I have been doing sketches and re-sketches on how I want it set up for the trails. I have great ideas (In my opinion anyhow) for how I want to do the set up. If I can make most of it happen it will be awesome. What I can do without the rig, I have been working on, and of course there have been several do-overs already, just want to get it how I want it and damn the torpedoes.
It will be a lot of fabricating, but the finish product is going to make it worth every second of the rebuild.
Looking purddy is secondary, ease of operation is primary, such as set up of controls and location and access to tools and spare parts while maintaining weight distribution.

Then it will be time to be back on the trails!!

Been over a year since any update on the Dr. Jack. Some have seen the FB posts, many have not. We finally got the Jack and donor vehicle to Bandit Customs in Austin. The delay was due to moves, having to be at damn work, (I had to go as an over the road driver, and was only spending 3-4 days at home every 6 weeks or so, had to have income). a long stretch of unemployment by me prior to becoming an OTR driver.
It completely sucks that I rolled and cause so much damage to the rig, but that is in the review mirror and I must be looking out the front windshield.
The upgrades going into the rig includes, but not limited to, upgrading the drivetrain, and yes that means a 5.0. Perfect time to do it since the body is coming off. The brake system is going to be upgraded to disc in the rear also as well as upgrading the front brakes.
The recardo seats will not be replaced, they show wear and tear, but those were installed by Jack. The flare fenders are going to be replaced with the original fenders (yes I had the originals). The rear seats are going to be the originals, and not from the donor. (I might of got one of them mixed up with the donor's seats, but it is just too hard to tell.)
There will not be a SAS. I prefer the original, for the trails I plan on doing, it is not needed. And of course I plan on keeping all four wheels on the ground from now on.
I will be moving to Pa later in the week, and not be able to return for the Jack in at least a year.
So Kris and Russell will more than likely have a few surprises along the way. But what would you expect from Bandit Customs!!! (also, Jack will be getting a Bandit Customs data plate:thumbsup:)
The journey continues.....

We will treat the Dr. Jack right and get him back to his glory!