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Driver window problems


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October 3, 2008
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Norfolk, Va
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'92 Sport
So I am continuing to have Driver window problems. I have confirmed that the motor works as advertised. The window would roll down about 2 inches the stop and make a ratcheting noise. It was able to roll back up after it stopped until it finally crapped out on me today. Now it wont roll up or down at all.

Does any body have any tips or can help me out in any way?

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I pulled my motor out and it isnt the original motor. It is like a factory sealed motor. The casing is plastic unlike the stock ones that you can unscrew and open. The motor seemed to work fine. Could it be the lift mechanism in the door?
Thanks for the link though, That will help me fix my passenger side for sure.

thanks that problem definitely describes mine. I will give that a try!