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Drop Pitman Arms.. which one?


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September 2, 2008
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Kentucky, Y'all!
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'93 xlt, '92 4x4
So, I have some 6" springs that're supposed to be on the way.. I busted a 4" spring.
It's also a stock pitman on the truck... time for upgrade.

I'm looking on the web at drop pitman arms, and I see that most are "3-6 inch lift", and Skyjacker has a FA600 "extreme drop 6-8 inch" unit (which is more than double the $$$ BTW).
Cool too that it appears several part numbers match for full size and RBV's.

How much real drop do various units have? anybody know?

What pitman arm do you have, and how does it measure vs. stock?

Of course I'd like to get the steering arms as level as possible.. then again $175 or so is alot for an arm with two holes in it (FA600). (yes, I know there's more to it than that in reality)


You really need the extreme drop arm, the normal drop arms only drop 2" the extreme drops 4" one of the main reasons I don't like more than 4" lift on TTB.

Yea, I figure it's gonna turn out that way (extreme drop arm)... I was reeaaalllyyy hoping for a more "cost effective solution". (cough cough)
Would rather spend some of that towards better shocks and a few odd bushings.

HEY! Found info! (Found another thread here in a Google search... that happens alot) :rolleyes:

From the above thread (props to 4x4junkie!)