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Eddie Bauer question


January 26, 2001
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I am looking for an Eddie Bauer X or a Mounty, probably 2000 or 2001. I have a question about the X though. Today, while looking at an Eddie Bauer, I noticed that the fender flares on the front didn't seat up tight to the fender in every area. I realize that this may be a sign of a prior accident. My qustion to you guys though, is that if this is normal or not? The flares are seperate from the fenders so there is an opportunity for water and mud to get in there and potentially rust and rot the fender that is hidden by the flare. Am I right? Do you guys remove these flares periodically to clean and wax this area or am I worried about notthing? Thanks in advance for all responses and if anyone has anything to add that I should be looking out for please do.


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Check out my homepage and see if mine looks anything like you are talking about. I have never had problems with them and never taken them off. Maybe it has a problem

Thanks for the reply. What I want to know is if the flares are tight to the fenders in every spot where they meet. It seems like a place for water and junk to get into and just sit there. The 2001 I looked at today had a noticable (probably 1/16 of an inch) gap on the passengers side front. It wasn't the whole length of the flare, but like a 2" spot. I tried just pushing it back in but it moved back to where it was.


My '96 Eddie Bauer doesn't do that but my aunt's '99 Limited does have that problem too but it's not a big deal. Her rear left fender flare has a gap of about 3/16". Like I said, it's not a big deal. If you're worried about water collection, don't because the flares are plastic and are arched so water will go somewhere instead of pooling up. Hope this answers your question.

Mine are tight all the way around maybe it got hit or maybe one of the plastic clips that holds it in is broken. Hope this helps

All EBs from '95s-'01s do not flush completely to the body. They all have gaps in one spot of another. If you look at the very back, near the rear bumper, they do not completely touch the surface. But, I wouldn't worry about the rusting or water or dirt collecting inside the gap. Just do regular washings and you will be fine. When you wash, take note of the rear passenger doors, inside the lip of the fender flares.

Thanks for all replies so far. So you guys don't think this is a problem huh? I see your point about the plastic and the arch. I still think that some water must sit on that spot where the flare meets the fender, but if you guys say its not a point where rust occurs on these truck, I will believe that. What is involved in taking these flares off for an annual cleaning and waxing? Is it more work that it's worth?


I don't have a problem with my flare gaps and corrosion. In fact, the areas covered by my flares on the front fenders I took off look better than any other spot on the truck.

Most of the flares are just held on by screws inside the wheelwell.