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EGR Problem Again?


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October 14, 2004
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Plymouth, MN
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'94 LTD '10 LTD V8
ok Ill make this short...

Had a problem with my EGR System This Feb. had no check eng. light, rough idle etc.. etc.. Did a code scan with my scanner got a 336 replaced the DPFE sensor and while i was under the hood tested the EGR Valve and EVR Vacuum Regulator. Found that all 3 were bad?! So I replaced all 3 of them problem solved. 3 months later going 65 mph down the freeway check eng. light comes on? ok ill do a scan again 332 and a 335? wtf egr again?

Im lost the X runs great... what would cause this? bad wiring i looked for a vacuum leak found none... Maybe i got a bad part? Like i said it runs great?

Any ideas?