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Explorer Body Swap '00 to '00 OHV to SOHC ISSUES...HELP!


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July 31, 2013
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1994 Ford F250 7.3L Turbo
First posting here but thought I'd consult the brightest people on the planet (FORD People, my people!) before taking to dealer..
ISSUE: Swapped body's on two 2000 explorers, didn't think to check vin code first..duh..now have body of OHV sitting on SOHC chassis and it gets better! No key for OHV body so swapped ignition cylinder (after much drilling) and PATS key to OHV body from SOHC body. So you can imagine my issues. Many research hours later I've swapped the PATS module PCM and GEM Module to match donor PATS key. There is a lot of places for something simple to go wrong here but my understanding was even with a security key issue the engine should still crank?? Currently get no crank at all, theft light flashes quickly, warning lights all stay on (well air bag light comes on during crank attempt) fuel pump runs constantly (bleeds out through EGR valve..weird?) and no communication with scanner. All fuses good, rechecked current grounds (unless the SOHC chassis requires more than equipped on OHV Body?) Next step is swapping the wiring harness (on body) to match the SOHC chassis engine plug, the OHV plug does go in but obviously not a perfect fit, pins all match and it will plug in just connector housing is clocked differently nothing the BFH won't handle ;).) Hoping this solves some issues but not sure if it will fix the no crank issue..if just a PATS issue shouldn't it at least crank? I know some of the sensors different but should still do something..and if there isn't enough going on here already the final monkey wrench for you is the body is an XL model and the chassis is a XLT..jeez what was I thinking.:scratch:.looking for direction, too much time in to walk away!! I drove the SOHC into the shop, so verified functional before starting project. Thanks in advance :feedback:

my understanding of PATS (from the commercials and marketing) was that it would prevent the starter from engaging. Looks like you've stirred up a real big hornet's nest. Good luck!