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Finally 91 2dr EB 4x4

Well, I finally found what i was looking for...!
Being my other half (Girlpower) has a very well built 94' XL we've had for awhile.... I figured it was time to get a second Explorer 2 door, since she has had her Girlpower 4x4 stickers on it.... I just can't drive it anymore, if you know what i mean..:rolleyes:
That's ok... I had looked earlier for a 2dr EB 4x4 but had no luck and bought a j**p instead... Well it is up for sale now. :D I bought this 91 2dr EB 4x4 today.... What really sold me that it even has a manual 5-speed too.
Now that really blew me away.... Anyway I'll get a pic up by Wednesday for sure as it is kind of unique puppy.
Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble... just enjoying my find. ;)

I got a few pics up!

So there it is... for those that were interested. It's in my pic gallery... Didn't know how to post one here directly.

Nice i never seen a 5 speed eb or a 2 dooor eb so what are your future plans for this rig.


The pics are in my photo gallery.... As far as plans,,,,
I'm thinking keeping it stock for now...:rolleyes:
Not enough time to work on Anne's Explorer and my 78 Bronco as it is.... otherwise..... I would lift it too..:hammer: Looks like you both have some nice rides as well.