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Got XM?

I have the Alpine unit which is fine and looks good installed. I would have the Delphi unit but I don't like the aluminum finish. If it was black to match my trim I would have it. I personally don't care for this wave of aluminum finish head units. But, to each his own....

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Thanks for the help. The cell phone bracket I have is one with a round metal base and then a 6" metal shaft and then a square metal plate. The top and bottom plate rotate for various mounting. The square plate has the same hole configuration and the SkyFi cradle. I guess that is why Cir. City suggested it. I could only figure that I could mount in on the hump by the center section or the side of that or the console. No real good place. The one you suggested from that company looks like the right idea as long as it does not block the airbag. That is always the problem mounting it on that side.

That is the best I have seen though. I will look into it more.

Thanks again. Much appreciated. This forum has been a great help to me since I discovered it. It saved me a bunch recently on fixing broken rear door handles.


The head unit uninstalled...


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HU installed


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    hu installed.jpg
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HU sorta lit up in the dark


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Cleaned up kick panel

Waaay old design:


Modified old kick panel to this:

Originally posted by RFR2212
HU sorta lit up in the dark

Kenny Chesney :rolleyes: he ROCKS!

That Alpine HU is nice. I think I will get the same one when I start upgrading my audio. :D

Edit: DAYAM 1200$$ From crutchfield... Maybe not then :(

nice job. I'll have to show mine, too, once I can get pics of it (maybe this weekend). I'm particularly proud of it, being my first ever attempt at custom installation. :)

izackary said:
I'm the proud owner of a Delphi SkyFi XM tuner. Well....actually it's a demo unit since my employer and i are dealers. But in any case, it's great. Soon, I'm going to get the Antenna Specialists' 12-inch glass-mount antenna to try and reach above the trees a little better around the woods of Vermont. I'm also trying to find out who sells PAC products so I can get an interface to insert the line outputs of the XM into the CD changer input. (I hate tape adaptors.) So far only PAC has an adaptor that adds line-level RCA inputs and retains the use of the factory CD changer. And it's only been out a month or two so lots of webstores haven't updated their sites yet. As far as channels go, I was listening to Boneyard (42 i think) on the 4th of July and they were playing 420 songs of Metallica. The 4 hours I was listening to it, I heard all of ONE commercial! :D

RFR, does your roof rack ever interfere with satellite reception? It looks like it's almost right in the way.
I was looking into getting the antenna specialists thru-glass XM antenna instead of the Terx Micro that I currently have. One thing that might be an issue is that I have the SkyFi installed with a single input cradle and it looks like the thru-glass antenna has two leads (satellite & terrestrial) which I suppose could be fixed by getting a dual input cradle. I am more interested in what difference you have found with service drops with the taller antenna vs. whatever you had before.

Hey guys.

I just finished my install of my XM SkyFiII in my 2000 X. I'm amazed at the quality of the cassette adapter over the FM modulator. It's too bad I have to have an ugly wire hanging down from the faceplate to get the best quality sound.

Has anyone tried the direct connect into the antenna?


I probably have the CLEANEST XM install ever seen....except that ugly @$$ antenna on the roof.

I removed the Factory Amplifier, but left the mount (It was being bypassed anyway!) And mounted my Pioneer XM reciever to the 'Amp Mounting Plate' using the Pioneer Brackets.

I have it hooked up like this: HU to XM to CD Changer in Console.

I have pics of my installs (yes I do ALL my own work)

E-mail me if you want to see them.


Cleanest install ever seen? Sorry to burst your bubble, no matter how good you think something is, there is always something better. This just doesn't go for stuff related to cars/trucks, but anything. Chances are, something is always better, and in this case, I wouldn't doubt it.

BTW, you can't say your install is "clean" when you're virtually not adding any additional units to the inside that aren't seen. Please. Oh, and hiding wires is pretty cake, the average joe could do that one.

Post pics.

I just got Sirius myself. A year ago I said "why would anyone PAY for radio" but lately local stations (clear channel, susquehanna) just suck.
I have migrated to mainly two channels, Raw dog uncensored comedy and the Hair Nation all 80's hair bands!! otherwise it's talk radio.

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I don't see how you can get a more hidden install than what I have done. The thread starter has a pretty nice install, but you can see the box. I prefer to have all the goodies, but just not out in the open for people to see. It's just not my style. I realize that the Roadie, Roadie II, and most of the Delphi stuff can't be 'hidden' like mine is, but that's the compromise you have to make when you purchase a product like that.

When I said cleanest Install, I was implying that you don't see ANYTHING. Hiding wires is no problem, I know that. I didn't say anything concering them. I was just mentioning that the way I installed it should be the PREFERRED way to install it.

Maybe one of these days I go Elite, and post pics of my install...until then E-mail me @ to see them.

The guys @ Circuit City, Car Toys and Magnolia Hi-Fi all wanted to install the reciever in a similar fashion to the way the thread starter did. So kudo's to him, it's exactly how the pro's do it.

No offense was meant by my comments, I am just particularly proud of my (3 hr.) installation