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Grabber AT-2's go on tomorrow-?'s about 10 ply

Well I've been on Pro Comps for 5 years and I'm going to 265 75 16's on stock wheels tomorrow - but I wondered if anyone had any comments on how harsh 10 ply tires will/do ride? I'm guessing 6-8 ply are the most common? Doesn't really matter anyway, they're still going on :p:

The Pro Comps aren't mushy by far and I've got OME shocks and TT, so I figure the AT2's will be just fine (I'm not real particular on a soft ride obviously); I've just never driven on an "E" rated tire, nor one rated to 3400+ lbs.!!! ;) Thanks for any feedback, I'll post how they are.

Man am I excited, I love getting tires!! :)