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Headlights Alignment....

How i can align my headlights in a explorer 96 ? they seem pretty low compared to my F-150 headlights, and are stock. I replaced the bulbs in the Explorer for a newer replacements (9007) but still i need to drive at the highway with the high beams on to get a decent lightning. I was expecting a similar lighting like the F-150, since the bulbs are the same....

Or if i can replace the bulbs with others with better quality (i have bought sylvania halogen)

I personally use the cool-blue bulbs, they're brighter then the "yellow" halogen, but not as bright as HID (I hate HID on oncoming cars, mainly due to misalignment).

The way I align my headlights is set the passenger side to about 50 feet from the bumper to the bottom of the peak (the bright part on the ground), and the driver side to about 40 feet from bumper to bottom of the peak. If I need more light, but not high-beams (for highway, etc) I just kick on my Hella's on the bumper, I have those aligned to 60 feet from bumper to peak on both sides. Highbeams I usually reserve for the back country roads when I need to see deer along the road.

This is a VERY crude method, for a more accurate correct alignment I'd recommend a shop as they have a box they can hook up to the lights and align them correctly.

Look in your manual, it gives you a much better explaination on how to do it.

Consider replacing the bulbs with Silver Star bulbs.

The adjustment is quite simple; just adjustment screws.

Good luck ........

I had to replace the housing itself as the old ones were too fogged over. Tried to adjust using the screws, but seemed to turn forever and not do anything. Ended up pushing the housing to where I wanted it. You want the headlights aimed so the brightest part of the light is just below the center line of the truck when shining at a wall about 10-15 feet away. However, personal preference and whether or not you have fog lights to help you out will affect where you put them.