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HELP!-clutch/5 spd/transfer case broke?


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August 25, 1999
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HELP! My 93 Explorer XLT 5sp 210K miles was driving great. I parked it in the garage and went out later to run an errand. I started it and it looked like the 4wd lo light was glowing faintly (4wd off). With truck running in neutral I pushed the 4wd selector switch, 4wd activated (I did the t-case motor fix around 4 years ago), pushed the 4wd lo button, it activated, everything seems OK. Pushed the lo button, lo disengaged. Pushed the 4wd button, nothing happened (except clicks, etc.). Decided to back up, pushed in clutch, selected reverse and let out clutch, nothing happened (no movement).
Did the same with 1st gear, then all gears with same result. Was able to push truck backward 20 feet, then it stops, like it's locked. I can push it forward OK. I can shift into all of the gears OK, just nothing happens when I let out the clutch, and the 4wd won't disengage. Any ideas to look for when I get under it tomorrow? HELP!! Thanks, David

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tyr hitting the 4x4 shift motor on the t-case a lil to free it up.just a tap tho no need for a BFH.

Would a stuck t-case explain why it won't move in gear? The 5 spd behaves almost like an auto trans that is seriously slipping, engine rpms go up but truck don't move, and this was all of a sudden. I've had no problems before today.

when in 2hi power from the trans goes strait through the t-case. in 4 hi it does the same but with an extra output. in 4lo it completly changes gears.. like shifting from 1st to might be in the (nuetal) state between high and low... ever see a manual transfercase ****er? 2hi-4hi-N-4lo....

Right, my '88 Ford Quigley 4wd diesel van has a manual t-case shifter, so I know what you. Thanks for the help Mud Bug, I'll check the t-case tomorrow and post what I find out. I want to keep this Explorer alive for at least another 200K, it's the best vehicle I've ever had.

Wacking the t-case solved the problem, I was able to disengage 4WD and I can now drive again. However, I'm not touching the 4WD button until I have a chance to check the t-case motor contacts and the grommet (I'll probably have to clean the contacts and make yet another grommet out of oil hose like last time). But I'm mobile again, thanks to Mud Bug!

It might not even be the contacts, the motor itself can freeze up, take it apart and grease all of the moving parts and cycle it back and forth a few times to get everything loosened up.

Thanks, I'll do that. And I have to say it's so nice to have an older vehicle that one can actually do stuff to.

no prob... ever have a starter freeze up.. its the same pricipal... if you keep the problem list simple its simple to fix!