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Help ! Front end noise


June 3, 2007
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00 Sport
In my 00 Sport 4wd, there's a speed-related noise,sounds like it's in the front. I just got it, knowing there were FE noise issues, as it drove the noises were very loud. I replaced both CV axles & both hub/bearings. Eliminated all the noise EXCEPT: as it drives at low speed, there's a rumble that is somewhat loud, but gets lower but faster as speed increases. At highway speed, it's like a low helicopter sound. It momentarily goes away as you go up & down over a dip in the road. What else could it be ? :scratch:

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front driveshaft or u-joints on the rear driveshaft
my 2 guesses

The noise definitely is in front. It was making a racket, so I did the hubs & CV joints. Quieted all, except the remaining sound. I guess I'll check the driveshafts.

I'm going to guess the cv-joint at the t-case end of the front driveshaft.
they are notorious for making a racket before it starts making worse noises and vibrations.

Well.......... removed the front driveshaft. No difference. So... not the hubs, not the CV axles, now not the front driveshaft. I'm at a standstill.:(

I'm fighting this same problem and correct me if I'm wrong but removing the front driveshaft won't stop the cv's and diff from spinning so you may have your answer there.

it's certainly possible it could still be the diff since it will still be rotating, just not under as much stress.

Well... it seems that the garbage Pep-boys tires that were on this vehicle were much a part of the problem. Although I've eliminated most of the noise on this vehicle, I'm sorry I got it. This doesn't come close to the '03 I had before. It was quiet & smooth. This gen is rougher, noisier, & harsher. Even with less miles than my previous Ex, it's not a solid fell I had with my last one. :(

OK... I'm at my wit's end... eliminated tires, hub/bearings, CV joint axles, & front driveshaft... I STILL have a speed-related noise, which is very prevalent at 20-30 MPH... it's coming from the front, I can sorta feel it through the floor... it's like everytime the wheel/tire rotates it drones... after 30 mph, it sorta quiets at the higher speed since it's a faster sound. Anybody have any experience with this ?

Could it be warped rotors?