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help with first gen lift


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October 2, 2005
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godfrey, Illinois
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1997 sport ohv 5spd
i recently bought a superlift 5.5" suspension lift from . I had a lot of trouble with them and i would suggest not buying from them. Anyways, i got then whole front lift installed, and now i'm going to the back. I need help figuring this out since they didn't send directions. I got the new braket with the hole for the leaf springs and the mount for the shock. However, i did not get an angled piece of metal to set the angle of the driveshaft correctly. I got two peices of C channel about 5 inches tall by 4 inches long and about 1" width. each piece has 6 holes drilled in the top and bottom. I also got a package of eight bolts, 16 washers and 8 nuts. Does anyone know how to assemble this? (i have pics, just don't know how to post them)

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i figured out that the superlift kit comes with rear perches. I didn't get any aftermarket u-bolts or a plate for the u bolts to bolt to.

DO some searching on this site for "SOA" you dont need anything else. The superlift doesnt set a new pinion angle unfortunately.
You basicaly take he leaf off, put the new perch (with shock mount) ontop of the axle, Put the stock U bolts back on (threads facing up now) and the original spring plate ontop of that. So now from top to bottom you have, original plate
new perch
make sense? You will probably have to grind off the shock mount location from the original spring plate, and good luck making the sway bar work if you plan on keeping it

thank you so much! You explained things perfectly clearly. 4wheelparts has completely hasseled me littlerlly the entire time since i've placed the order. Now I can finish my suspenion today and roll the damned thing out of the garage and do brakes whenever the longer line kit comes in! Thanks a lot!

glad to help.

it's done. I'm still struggling with getting the pitman arm off, and I have to go out and buy some rear swaybar botls because I grinded the bottom ones off. One more thing, what do the gold blocks do? They are pieces of C-channel and have six holes drilled in them. I also got a package of 8 bolts, 16 washers and 8 nuts. I have no clue what to do with them.

Oh, and I did have to grind the spring perch off of one side so it would clear the gas tank.

Sounds to me that what you are describing are the Sway bar drop brackets, they go inbetween the frame and swaybar brackets in order to compensate for the lift.

for the front sway bar? or the rear? the rear sway bar hs longer arm that attatch the bar to the frame.

the front sway bar looked like it was setting relatively high. it seems very logical that they would go inbetween the frame and sway bar mounts.

heh, sway bars are for wusses. After we did mine we were unable to reattach the rear swaybars, it wouldnt fit with the new shock locations. And i dont know what you are talking about, it dosent ring a bell from anything I had in my superlift kit. Probably swaybar drops however, puts some pics up and someone should be able to point you in the right direction

how do i post pics?

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Or have them hosted somewhere else. Do a google for "free image hosting" or somthing like that. there are a million different options.

I wonder were you able to get the camber aligned?

i also have the 5.5 superrunner kit, cannot get camber corrected my alignment guy
say's its 5 to6 degrees posotive am i the only one with this problem?

you need 7* camber bushings, any (decent) alignment shop should know exactly how to fix that.