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HID's in Offroad lights


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August 5, 2004
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2000 Explorer XLT
So I bought a set of Hella FF500's and im trying to fit some HID's in them. the way the h3 bulbs fit in, is that there is like a clamp on a hinge that holds the bulb in there, but the hinge is too small for the whole hid bulb to fit in there, so aside from just throwing them in and wasting an HID kit, i want them in there, so has anyone done this? is there a way to do this aside from a grommet and silicone or something (still need a ground wire for the bulb that is coincidentally on the clamp thing that i cant use) so any help is appreciated.

heres a picture to help


An HID H3 bulb should go directly into any H3 opening, the bases should be the same.
There is a mini HID H3 out there too. The only diff. is the bulb length, again the bases should all be the same regardless.