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How to: How To: Remove/Replace 3rd Gen Door Panel

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waaaaahoooooo!!!! another glorious victory!!! replaced blend actuator door, now I have fixed the windows, I feel like a man again. now if I could get my wife to share in that notion....

It isn't gonna happen. :p:

I know this is old, but the pics no longer work on this walkthrough

Welcome aboard!! :salute:

Sorry about the missing pics. I'm working on getting that sorted.

I'll send some stuff tonight when I get home tonight.

Thanks so much! 2 broken black wires! Took slowpoke here much more than an hour - but its all better! Now perhaps I can try some other items. Baby Steps!

I need to replace a faulty door lock actuator. These instructions were super clear about taking off the door panel - thanks! But as a repair novice, what do I do about the foam noise panel on the inside? Can I carefully remove it and reglue it back on?

I need to do this....Anyone have pics that work?