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November 26, 2006
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raleigh, NC
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92 Sport, 94 XLT
Been a little frustrated lately with my daughter's 92 Sport and went looking for answers. She is going to college in the the mountains of NC and I picked up the 92 almost 2 years ago for her college vehicle. She really liked it, except for the gas mileage, and it has almost given us troublefree performance till lately. A few minor things have quit working, like the passenger door lock switch and the windshield washers, and that didn't bother her too much till the 4WD would not engage. I replaced the shift motor, the controller, and the dash switch, and it would still would not work. I found this site today and all my questions have been answered. Clean the shift motor brushes, contacts, and check for a broken motor stop and it will be good to go. She will return home in 2 weeks for XMas break and will be glad to know that there is a cheap fix for her Sport. As for all the parts that I got, not a problem. We have a salvage yard in Raleigh that has pull your own parts and they are dirt cheap. Between the motor, controller, and switch, I have $15 invested. Since driving her 92 Sport, I went and got a 93 Sport for myself, so having extra parts lying around is not a bad investment. I really like this site dedicated to vehicles that I enjoy working on as much as I do driving them. Between her 92 and my 93, I have just about "done it all" except rebuild the engine and transmission. Thanks for the information to fix her vehicle and keep both of our Sports running for years to come.

Welcome to the site Oldman. :cool:

Glad to hear you were able to find the answers on here for everything you needed. :thumbsup: