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hypertech programer or chip


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May 8, 2003
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Carmel,New York
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hey guys,.. anybody has any experience with hypertech programer III. ? i'm trying to gain some extra power ( never can have enough of it :), thinking of getting the programer, will i earn enough horse powers and torque for the price ( about $ 350,-), or will i be better of getting a comp, chip,............i'm not ready to spend 2k for supercharger yet :)
thanx 4 help
...........X rock!!!..........:shoot:

HI I just got one for my 98 sport i'm going to try it this weekend i will let you know how it goes the one i have is for a 4.0 V-6 to a 5.4 V8 I found it at summit racing

NO dice with the power programer it reads the computer and then comes up with a error code D-6
so i guess i'm going to return this and goe the chip route

thanx rich, well it really sucks after spending $350+ and no gain i was really hoping to get one but now i'm not sure, let me know how did u do with a chip, thanx buddy.
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