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I want the "Lexus Look" blue-ish lights!

I love the blue-ish white lighting in the front of vehicles. I used to have them in my headlights of my old car, but don't know the good bulbs for the Explorers. I want all my lighting in the front to match up though. I did a search, but all the post are primarly for the headlights only. What are the bulb #'s for the front lights and where can I purchase the Blue-ish bulbs for them. I tried the super blues from Walmart...nop, they suck! They're like stock except brighter, no blue tint at all. I want fogs, corner, headlights, and the other bulbs in the front to be the "Lexus look". Can someone please help me find them?

Thanks, Derek

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i have used some cool blue bulbs (9007) i think. they gave a little bit of blue tint to the light but not like some of the imports do. just have to go the the auto parts store and find some.

i will be getting some sylvania silverstars someday. a few members on here seem to like them alot better.

if anyone could provide the information about the front corner light, and blinker light I would like that too. Also, with the fogs, what wattage is ok to run on 'em?


the headlights are 9007, hiper industry hyper whites give off a nice bluish tint, click the link in my sig. to find out what they look like. And the turn signals are 3157's, the hyper whites for these are a little more white than blue.

dereks e.b., hydroxy

the bulbs for the turn signals are 2-3157 [or 3156 sorry] 1-194 for each side. the "a" or "nak" just means amber.
standard sylvania clears look fine and won't break the bank or attract EXTRA attention.

the fog light bulbs are a joke! it either takes a 893 or 899, the one with the "black"tip.

they are a whopping 37.5 watts!

FWIW-the plastic on the lenses isn't the greatest quality, THEREFORE you might burn [melt] a hole in it with the glass tipped one.

it will be very difficult to make everything match- sorry.


Check out www.midnightmoose.com
They have ALL the bulbs you need. Should be able to match everything. Or so they say...