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installing Avid d3 in 96 xplorer


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August 30, 2007
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Salinas, Cali
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96 XLT 4x4
Hey I jus bought a pioneer avic d3 its a double din size and i was wondering if anybody knew what modifications would need to be made to make this fit in to the dash of my 96 xplorer and what mount kit if any I should get.

man, whoever made that search button was a dang genius!!!!

"Finally got the AVIC-D3 Installed with the Ipod adapter. I am extremely impressed with this thing! Both the NAV and the IPod integration work flawlessly.
Installation in my 99 was pretty simple. I used the metra double din kit for explorers (99-5805). I had to dremel off the lip on the top and bottom of the radio bezel, and after that, the unit clicked right into place."

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