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interior stuff

Couple questions, some were answered and I'm second guessing.. some I just need some help on.

I have a 2000 mercury mountaineer, I'm wanting to replace all the interior lights with LEDs (plug and play). I originally asked what bulbs were in the dome light and I purchased 194's, What came out of the dome light ended up being 906/921's. The 194's work they're just not as big. The bulbs I pulled out of the puddle lights seemed to be also 906/921, does this seem correct?

So now moving on to the rest of the interior lights.

I'm pretty sure I know but I want to be positive this time,

This is my back seat dome light,
I'm assuming the middle bulb (that comes on when the doors are opened) is 906/921, and are the other two (on each side of the middle bulb) are 168's/194's?



Next is the cargo/trunk light, I have no idea what size this is. Reference says 211-2 or 562, does anyone know if this is correct?



any help is appreciated,

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If you could tell me what would be best for the dome light


even on the cargo light? im wanting to replace it with an LED

Sorry but I dont understand your question...

I read it again and i do understand your question. I have no idea what size it is. Check on autozone for the bulb size

Or just take a look at it......

Most do, but some dont. Over time the writing most always comes off.... Idk, just pull it and compare it to the ones at the autoparts store.

I inspected the bulbs before I posted this, there is no visible writing.

562 is correct, i just looked it up for you.

Seriously dude, Autozone dot com. Add your vehicle on there and you can look up just about anything

thanks, I looked it up myself I was simply explaining why just looking at the bulb didn't tell me which bulb it was.