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Inverted 10W3v2 sub on JL Audio Stealthbox sounds incredible


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December 17, 2000
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Here is a pic of the inverted woofer in my 98 4-door Explorer. http://rap.midco.net/the_kid/Inveted W3v2 on Stealthbox_1.JPG

Here is another pic with the interior panel removed. The amp is currently mounted behind the panel in front of the speaker connections on the box (where the factory amp used to be). http://rap.midco.net/the_kid/Interior panel removed.JPG

Not wanting to utilize any cargo space or have to move a sub box around, I purchased the JL Audio Stealthbox for my Explorer in 2000. I was disappointed with the performance of the 10W1 that comes with the box from the moment I hooked it up. As you all know, the limited mounting depth of the Stealthbox limits what woofer can be used.

I considered using spacer rings to increase the mounting depth of the box, so that I could use a deeper woofer; making a new box, etc. After seeing a Rockford Fosgate woofer mounted inverted on a Ford Explorer MTX enclosure though, I began researching the possibility of doing the same with the JL Audio Stealthbox. I wasn’t concerned about looks, and theft isn’t a problem where I live. I just wanted something that performed better than the W1 and took up a minimal space.

Essentially, most agree there is no loss in quality by inverting a woofer—just moving air. Inverted subs are pretty common anymore. However, because of the unique shape and contours of the Stealthbox, no one knew for sure how an inverted woofer would perform on the box, including JL Audio tech support and the local JL dealer.

The W3v2 sounds incredibly better than the W1. It sounds good and hits hard enough (vibrates the change in cup holder) for me. I’m totally a SQ person; don’t care for the pounding. I asked the local JL Audio dealer if I the W6v2 inverted on the Stealthbox would sound better than the W3v2. He didn’t think the improvement would be noticeable (plus the mounting hole diameter of the W6v2 is a little smaller than the W1 and W3v2, which would require some modification to mount), so I’m staying with the W3v2.

I used the 6 ohm W3v2 because JL recommends an enclosure volume of .75 ft for the 6 ohm woofer. The 2 and 4 ohm call for .625 feet. Though the volume of the Stealthbox is .63, it is, according to JL Audio tech, is designed for a .75 woofer. The W1 that comes with the box is a .75 woofer. I didn't do anything (add or take out polyfill, place a piece of 2x4 in box to account for the loss displacement of the woofer not mounted "in" the box) to the box itself. I had to “notch†out a little of the Explorere interior panel for the woofer to fit. Not much though. The factory trim ring will hide it if I ever remove the box.

Just passing my experience on in the event anyone wants better sound out of their Stealthbox.

Lastly, I have an extra new, but with minor cosmetic damage, 6 ohm 10W3v2 that is currently on eBay, if anyone is interested. Shipper damaged. I was sent a new woofer and got to keep the damaged one.