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Is this for a 4wd explorer!


September 7, 2003
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Murells Inlet, SC
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1992 Sport 4x4
Hey! I put on a 1.5-2 inch add-a-leaf and coil spring lift (James Duff) Now the front end is all out of wack! Camber and alignment! Tuff Country (from JcWhitney) sells alighment brackets for my explorer but it does not explain if it is for 4wd, Does anyone know if these brackets are for 4wd?

Did you get an alingment done on your X after installing the lift? Most Explorers have enough adjustment to be alinged with a 2" lift.

lift exploder

I've got a 95 xlt 4x4 and im gonna raise it today or tomm. I've already purchased the rear blocks and shackles but unlike yours there is not kit for the front. Im gonna just jack the torsion bars as far as they will go and hope for 2" of lift. I'll let u know how it goes