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Its here - Electric Cooling Fan install

Yhe clearance is an inch or less; it was too hot to measure exactly.

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Thanks for the update Al. I was thinking about your truck just yesterday. I think the fan will be comming quicly for my truck.

The fan has been on for two months now. With the 90 F Florida heat and towing my son's Jeep as well as a trip to Atlanta ( traffic ), the fan has performed flawlessly, no overheating issues whatsoever.

No worries, At idle with the lights on, AC on and stereo on the volt meter reads 13.0-13.3.

Aldive, Thanks for the continued updates. I will try this upgrade when the S/C gets installed as long as John V says its ok.

Nice write-up. I was just about to search for electric fan installation info, many thanks for your superb timing! :D

Please continue to post updates through the summer. I'll be watching with great interest from sweltering south Louisiana.

BTW, has anybody done the Lincoln Mark VIII fan install? If the Black Magic fan seems marginal as ambient temp climbs (the modded Mustang crowd swears it is), research the Mark VIII unit. It's an OEM Ford part, so it's gotta be reliable. It's a real beast, airflow-wise. Sadly, amperage-wise, too. The 130-amp alternator is a must; since the fan has a startup current draw of almost 100 amps (!!).

Also, from some other threads I recall reading, the Black Magic fan's temperature-controlled switch can be problematic. If it starts acting up, check out the relay and wiring kit that Painless Wiring sells - it seems to get positive reviews.

Then there's the debate over where best to place the temperature-controlled switch - near the radiator return hose (water already cooled by radiator) or by the thermostat (water soaked with heat, exiting the engine).

So what's fuel economy like? How much was gained?:p

Originally posted by RacerX
Please continue to post updates through the summer. I'll be watching with great interest from sweltering south Louisiana.

UPDATE: Its mid July and hot as hell here in Florida.

The electric fan is working flawlessly. No overheat problems even when towing a Jeep on a trailer.

Back from a 1200 mile trip. The fan performed flawlessly; with the new 189 F thermostat ( replacement for a bad one (, the coolant temp never exceeded 197 F ( and that was in Atlanta traffic with 90 F ambient temp ).

Hey Aldive, how was the MPG and power. Did it increase? Also, now that its done and roadtested...was it worth it(time,dollars spent vs gain)?

which wire?

Al, great writeup I went out and bought a 150 today. I have one question: on the 1999 V6 SOHC which wire did you tap into on the AC pump? There is a plug with one red wire and one black wire.

I believe its the red one. Best to test with a multimeter to be sure.

Good luck.

Please post a report on how your fan perdorms' mine is still perfect in this oppresive heat we are having.


Ok in my haste to get this thing on I didn't look too carefully at what plug I was tapping into for the AC pump switch. The red wire I was referencing was actually the pressure switch. Unless you are truly bored and in need of excitement that includes screeching belt noises from a seized compressor clutch and the requsite smoke that partners with this noise do not tap into this wire :)

After a change of pants and a trip to the autoparts store to get a replacement belt, I found the correct plug, verified with my meter and attached the fan control.

All in all, thanks to Al's writeup, this was an easy mod. The acceleration was perhaps a bit more perky. I will provide data to MPG as I continue to test. I had no temperature issues during my 45 minute in traffic roadtest.

Al, I have basically the same setup as you with a few minor differences:

1999 V6 SOHC Eddie B.
K&N Gen II
Throttle body spacer
Gibson exhaust
Jacobs Wires
Edlebrock IAS shocks

I have the X-Spec Air dam and windjammer deflector at the shop being painted to match. I will install these on Tues. Apten chip should be here by then as well.

I average about 24MPG with a mix of city and highway driving.

One thing to note, I have high output head and fog lights, 1400 Watt Amp with 2 farad cap, red top Optima powered by a 200 AMP alternator from and have noticed no dimming etc problems. I wired the fan to run after the car is off and have noticed no issues yet, I plan on picking up a yellowtop optima when I return the fan clutch removal tools on Monday.

Again guys, I will update as to MPG and temp progress.

Aldive, I have an install question for you. I am about to order this fan and was looking at the intallation.

Here where the top and bottom claps are:


My question is that, the install is very functional. But not very attractive. So would it be possiable to turn the fan/shroud 45 deg. So that the clamps would be on the sides? Leaving the top clean and clear.

The unit attaches to a "lip" on the top and bottom f the raditor. I doubt it could be mounted as you suggest.

Update: there have been NO overheat issues this blisteringly hoy summer.

I have been using 2 fans for over 2years on my '91 4.0L X.. The biggest is a 16" puller and it is on a relay and t-stat controlled and wired to the battery so even if the vehicle is shut off if radiator temp rises the fan kicks on usually for about 2 minutes and shuts off... The other fan is a 12" mounted infront of the radiator and it is on a relay and only comes on when a/c is on... For added cooling.. I have had great luck with my fan setup, except when I put a 10 amp relay in instead of a 30. It lasted awhile then melted the relay which in turn blew the fuse... 5 buck mistake.... So far they have been untouched for about 2 years. Hp gain I am sure not to noticeable... Power draw minimal... Mpg not sure the 20's and slow lowered driving dont help in the mpg area.. All in all about 150 bucks in my 2 fan setup.
Later, RJ68

btw - with electric fans winter warm up time is great...

I too ran the Black Magic with an additional 16" pusher fan as an assist. First, It seemed to keep cool under most street conditions but Off Road it was lacking. However, I finally removed the B/M unit when the blade failed while 4 Wheel-n (the 2nd time), requiring a hasty retreat. I still run the pusher fan to blow air over the tranny cooler at low speeds. Lastly, I found that the B/M blades were just too lite to handle any splashing at all while Ive submerged the OEM fan with no damage.
Nice write up!!

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sohc v6

I didn't think you could get a TB Spacer for the SOHC