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Kicker Comp VR's who has them?


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October 17, 2002
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2000 Explo Sport 4.0 SOHC
anyone have the 15" kicker comp vr's in a pair? have you ever been metered for dB's? if so what was your number? anyone else have the 12's or larger....

how good are these subs and would the 15's be worth $93 each/new in box?

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I have 3 Comp VRs and they are very good. The best moderately priced sub out there IMO, but I'm biased.

there is someone on the forum that had 2 15's but i cant put my finger on who it was.........maybe it was drew

Nah, Drew has HE2s I believe.

hrrrm....crapola....there is someone on the forum that has those subs.......i swear to it!:rolleyes:

I can tell you that you won't be disappointed with 2 15 inch VRs.

yea i wouldnt think so........i mean....i will build the box myself so if it sounds like crap thats my own fault but usually i just build to manufacturers specs then tune it to what i want and it usually works out great.........i was almost rethinking to get some Audiobahn 15's just to save some money (almost $100) but im really unsure of what i want to do now

all audiobahns are top knotch . you wont be disapointed with those i promise.

i went ahead and bought a pair of 15" Audiobahn AW150Q's saving myself about $100 and gaining 100W RMS per sub, perfect for my are the specs



15" Excursion Subwoofer

60 oz. Strontium Magnet

Power Handling: 600 watts RMS

Frequency Response: 22Hz - 700Hz

Efficiency: 94 dB's

PHAT 2" Foam Surround

Non Pressed Non Transfer Paper Cone

KM3 Coated for Virtually No Cone Distortion

2.5" 4 Layer Voice Coil

Single 4 OHM operation

Mounting Dimensions:

Depth 6 1/4", Hole 13 3/4", Diameter 15 3/8"

Lug Lock Terminals

Nice, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with those either.

not a bad choice-i didn't see this thread earlier or else i would have responded with "kicker is an awesome sub" i have 3 12's just like hartman, mine are the 2003 model, not a real difference compared to the 2002 just different sub face and dust cap. For the money the subs are awesome (i know you've already bought the audiobahn's). BTW i hit high 150's on the Db meter with 3 subs powered by a fosgate 1500.


I have two Kicker Comp VR 12's in my truck, it is an extended cab Nissasn. I hit a 143.2 with those two 12's in a ported box, with 4 cu feet of air space. Those 12's were pushed by a crossfire 1000d (1000 watts rms) (2000 watts peak) I also had a one farad battery capicator. To help keep the power flowing.

Here's the deal, most people dont hit the same db number show after show, many condtions have to do with sound pressure level. It is hard to tell you what that system would to becuase it all depends on box design and the amp you have to push the system ect.

My advice is to buy the speakers, build a box that matches the called for airspace. Find an amp that will push (RMS) power to each of the speakers. Finally make sure that the ohm of the speakers are comptible to the amp you want to use. Finally make sure you know how to wire the speakers to the amp, without over-loading the amp.

Good luck and let me know how this comes out!

oops, I missed the part where you bought the audiobahn subs! They are great also! Good choice

Kicker makes verry good Subs/Amps.
In my 97 X I have 3 10 inch Kicker comps running off of the Fosgate power 500Bd in a sealed box.
Sounds good to.

Ditto with the Kicker Comp VR's. I have two 12's and they sound great!