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leaking A4LD


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May 11, 2008
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reno, nevada
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91 xlt
I've got my motor pulled right now to replace crank/rod bearings after a coolant leak. Anyway, my tranny is leaking fluid from the front seal. I removed the motor from the tranny by taking off four nuts @ flexplate/torque converter. Does anyone know if it's a seal or if I could have a broken tranny pump shaft? There is some up/down, left/right play on the torque converter when I move it. Thanks for any input!

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Is the flexplate to crankshaft spacer broken?

...It may be the front seal is all the problem is...I'm no tranny expert but from what I've seen, this seal gets hot and starts leaking...This thread may help if it's only the seal...;)

Didnt leak untill i pulled motor. Ive had three motors in ten years, broke pump shaft the first time, cost me 2500 bucks to have 'rebuilt'. I refuse to pay someone now, im capable, juss not sure of prob till i dissasimble tranny.....really dont want to though =) Thx for input

I think its leaking because you dont have the torque converter seated all the way in.

When the torque converter is pushed it all the way, it shouldnt really move that much laterally (if any). Slide it out and try reinserting by supporting all of its weight. I did this procedure just yesterday (on a 5r55 in preparation for its sale) and when the torque converter was all the way in, the ribs on the outside of the torque converter pretty much binded very lightly against the rear of the bellhousing when I rotated the torque converter by hand -- which is fine because bolting the torque converter to the flywheel draws it forward and away from the transmission's body.

well, my '91 has been resurected!!!! after sitting for just over a year, time and money allowed me to get my truck up and running again!!! Its probably been forgotten by now, (this post) but i found the source of "leaking" tranny fluid and wanted to share incase anyone else has the same problem: My tourque converter slid out just far enough to disengage the splines on the pumpshaft, and fluid leaked out of it (torque converter). After properly seated again, no leaking/ loss of fluid!!! and best of all, no damage to anything!! i just replaced 1/2 qt of fliud and all is great. sometimes we get lucky that its THAT easy of a fix. anyway, good luck and hope this helps sombody along the way

Thanks for the update!