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Lowering more than 2.5 inches??


May 22, 2007
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03 xlt
Hello fellow explorer forum members. I've been looking around for ways to lower my recently purchased 03 xlt. The springs i have seen only lower about 1.6inches and i've seen someone with a belltech setup that said they lowered it more than 2 inches. I was wondering if anyone has lowered or knows of any ways to lower the 02-05 models more than 2.5 inches without using bags. I was hoping to find a way to lower it about 3inches maybe 3.5??? But had no luck besides the airbag installs. I was thinking about possibly buying a groundforce set up or the belltech kit and using a spring compressor to make the springs even lower. Any input would awesome. Thanks guys.

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The springs are so stiff as they are I can't see it going any lower...

Go with the beltech setup, or look into bags. I have the groundforce kit and almost wish I would have gotten the beltechs, except that I tow my boat and needed a little extra height in the rear.

Just go with Belltech, best bet

Belltechs are your best bet. I love mine. I have a very heavy sub box in the back, and with a full tank of gas, it sits more than 2" lower than stock, no doubt about it. Hopefully I can post some pics soon. The springs definitely settled over the past few months since I put them on. The only way to get lower that I can think of would be bags.

I will say this - when you are doing the install, you will see two separate plastic isolater rings that each spring seats into and they go between the spring and the plate at the top. You could probably get by with only one isolater, but you may get some noise from your suspension. This would probably lower it another 1/2' - 3/4" or so. Keep in mind, the lower you go, the more stress you are putting on your ball joints and shocks, and the further your alignment will be out of whack. I am by no means recommending you do this, but it was just a thought I've had ever since I put mine back together. If you try it, post up how it works!

The ford racing springs are the ground force, same exact thing. They will settle at about 2" total of a drop, at least most of them do

Why belltech vs groundforce? What would make them the better bet? thanks

belltech lowers it a little bit more in the front, but 1/2"-1" more in the rear and it gives the X a "level" look.

If you're not towing, get the Beltech!

thanks alot for the help guys.