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Minnesota's Minefield Trail


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December 10, 2000
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Near St. Paul, MN.
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2000 Sport
I'd like to see if we can get a few of you explorer owners together for a run thru
"Minnesota's Minefield Trail"!!!!!

Here's the link to a write-up about PART of the trails available:
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This area is in Northern Minnesota (3.5 hours from my house) but WELL worth the road trip! I was up there in October for FULL day and a half and only covered 20 percent of the mapped trails!! The difficulty of the obstacles ranges from 2 to a nasty A$$ 5+!!!! Bypasses for the stockers.

Please read the article and let me know if you'd like to experience THE MINEFIELD TRAIL for yourself!

I'd like to go up there and run before spring arrives!!!