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Modifying Ford Explorer Leaf Springs for Lift using F-150 Leaf Springs

This might be a really dumb question.... But I will press on. haha. I have a 2000 sport, if I wanted to get some "new springs" (from a f150 or 4 door explorer), How do I know what year is compatible/will fit my truck?? Would a same year 4 door work, what year f150? Or does the year not matter as long as the dimensions are the same?

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how much lift did you get with the f150 leafs

homemade suspention lift can i do it?

i got a 93 explorer for $200 so i dont realy want to spend a lot of money and i want to put a monster lift on it. im a machinest so i could make almost everything i would need. do you think i could do it? and i woulnt have to pay for any thing/

Hey, I saw this thread and decided to use this method to lift the rear of my explorer. I went out to the local you pull it, and while there, found an F-150 of what looked to be early 90's, late 80's year. Had the 5 spring pack and the right weight rating, so a buddy and I jacked the springs for $30 for the pair. Get them back to the house, and the interesting part is this:

The springs are the same general length as the explorer springs.

I dont know why, but I would think maybe it was a short bed truck? thats why the springs are virtually the same length as the X springs? They're rated for more, and there are more leafs in the pack, but it looks like it'll just bolt right up. Same width too, 2.5". I'll give you guys some more info as I go with my build. Maybe some pics of the truck I took them off of, too.

Mix and match -- pull-a-part yard, tape measure, and a little bit of investigation = cheap lift parts that are easily repaired when they sag out that work as well as big dollar aftermarket kits. :thumbsup:

No downside that I can see. Of course, I've been building my trucks that way for decades. Before this wonderful modern era of catalogs and manufacturers just begging to sell you their wares, that's the way it happened. We used this or that part, be it an engine, transmission, suspension, etc., from a bigger/better vehicle to enhance the performance of our own.

Would leafs from a Jeep work? I've been looking into doing this for some time, but I haven't been able to find any springs locally. I did, however, find a set of J10 springs with 5 leafs. They measure 56.5" from eye to eye and are 2.5" wide. From what I see, that is only 2.5" longer than the F150 packs, and since I wouldn't be using the main leaf, it doesn't really matter, right? I know all about the load rating and stuff, I'm just throwing this out there. Also, while I'm at it, would a leaf pack off a Chevy work (say C/K 1500)?

Ebay auction, please don't steal them :D

It depends on a few things. The original intent of using F150 leaves was to fully support the Explorer main leaf. If the second J10 leaf does that then you're off to a good start. Don't forget that each leaf will have a different arc (as I oginally described). This arc is indicative of the leaf's rate. If the arcs are similar, then the leaf may have a similar rate. Consider this: the F50 leaves I used were clearly out of a pick-up with a tow package or some other package that anticipated loading of the bed. If you can find some sort of VIN stivker on the J10, that indicates the Gross Vehicular Weight Rating, then you might be able to use those leaf packs. The same holds true for the Chevy leaves.

HTH - Dave.

I am wondering if anyone has the measurement from the rim lip to the fender both front and rear after doing this and a TT?

Hi, and thank you for posting info about us. We would be happy to help with any suspension issues or questions anyone may have. But please make a note, there is a typo in the link listed. I believe the proper link you're looking for is:
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Welcome to the site! Please stick around. I'm sure there will be plenty of questions here for you to answer.

I bought this spring kit from you guys a few years ago, and it still works great with very little sag....even with my extreme abuse. I'd definately recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a firm ride.

goin to get some old leafs in the mornin hope to get some pics of before and after

missed the before pics but got about 5 in the rear and 1 1/2 up front (need longer adjuster bolts) pretty simple will update with details and pics after a few tweaks.

I have a '98 Sport and I'm planning to do this mod in the next couple of days. I was able to find F-150 and 4-door Explorer leafs to use as the main leafs. I put the leaf packs together and they are ready to go on my Explorer. Does anyone know If I can just remove my monoleafs and put in the F-150/4-door leafs that I put together in thier place? Or do I have to first mount the 4-door main leaf and then add the F-150 leafs one at a time?

You can go ahead and pre assemble them on the ground before installing on the truck. Might as well have the new springs ready to go when you unbolt the stock monoleaf junk.

Thanks Silver X. I was a bit worried when I pre assembled them and they shortened up due to the new arc. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!

The spring arch will be different. But the shackle should swing enough to reach the spring eye in its new position.

I installed the "new" leaf packs on my '98 Sport yesterday and I ended up getting a little over 3 inches of lift. I measured just under 32" from the floor to the top of the wheel well before and 35" after. I threw some Bilsteins on while I was at it and the ride is way better, not too stiff like I thought it would be. Thanks for everyone's help on this topic!

Cool! That didn't take long.

Now let's see some pics!

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Hopefully I'll have some up tomorrow. I'm putting on some Fiberwerx front fiberglass so I can fit the 285/75/16 BFG AT's and I'll fab up some bumpers soon too.