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My trip to Reno or..


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..This is my behind the scenes view and test run which i did before and leading up to the Inaugural Silver State Jamboree...More of an investigative Exploration trip dedicated to the Spectators and Race teams alike..

..There is nothing worse than getting to a town for an event and not knowing what and where everything is or what issues you might run into when you are trying to keep up with an event schedule such as finding on/off ramps, gas stations, or parts for the vehicles..

The Event info link for the Silver State Jamboree
This is just something I did of my own doing because I could and with no compensation at all with the sole mindset of checking everything out pre-race and sharing this info with the spectator's and race teams alike..This is just my point of view for whatever it is worth and something I enjoy doing for the love of the Sport.(But Yes, I will be attending)


The beginning

...I had been talking to Jeff Knoll on and off, (the co-creator of Ultra4 Racing and King of The Hammers and Creator of this new week long event) since this past KOH and happened to run into him up at the NorCal Stampede a couple of weeks ago..

..I mentioned to him that his event was nearing and I had not heard much more about it other than a few announcements of when and where it was to be held..

..I halfheartedly mentioned to him that since I was already in the neighborhood (about 125 miles away), would he mind if I came up and checked things out for myself..Kind of a dry run before the hectic week of parties, offroading, and the various pre-race and racing events were to happen..

..To my surprise he quickly said Yes without batting an eye and that he would have the people in charge over at the Wild West Motorsports Park to get a hold of me...

..and so the adventure began..:popcorn:

..I headed out of Rancho Cordova Sunday morning straight toward Reno. What a gorgeous drive up in the pines as you go by near the infamous "Donner's Pass" and then Lake Tahoe which is a must see stop if you have never been there and is even more tempting if you have.

...But if I were going to check everything out as from a spectator's point of view, the first thing I would need to do is find a decent room in town which would be near all the action of this weeks events and since it will be in the 100* range in July during this event, what better place to start this investigative trip than the Host Hotel itself..

Host Hotel link- John Ascuaga's Nugget

..I usually spend 1-2 weeks offroading in remote areas every couple of months however, I am no stranger to hotels so for my test run I asked for the cheapest, non smoking room they had for one person.

With that in mind, this is my perspective.

If you have a large group or kids and need a place to sit, they have a huge sitting area to cool off and relax while one of your party is handling the room particulars at the desk..

..Also, the VIP check-in is on the left end of the Hotel Check-in counter for those who make reservations for this event.


This was the room they gave me



Some of the amenities to note..

This room had literally everything except a microwave and fridge..

..From the 2 little bottles of water, soaps, lotions, and shampoo they leave you each day to the ironing board and iron, blow dryers, safe, coffee maker, ice bucket with glass's as well as pen and paper at the desk, even a phone in the bathroom..

..There are soda machines next to the ice machines on each floor and food service to the room which is almost as cheap as going down to the diner itself but you can also order a high class meal off of the same menu.

..The views are great as I had mountain views out of my window and lucky enough to have a corner room where I had an awesome night view of downtown with all it's lights..

..Even though the airport is nearby you don't hear it or the freeway in the room but it was cool to watch them land in the night time from the room..


It's the little stuff that makes a difference..


Some behind the scenes info on the Hotel

a) Awesome free high speed wifi coverage all over the Hotel including the rooms.

b) West Tower is nearest the west parking lot approx. 250' closer to the elevator than the East Tower

c) East Tower has the newly renovated rooms with more modern decor and flat screen tv's (these rooms are the ones shown on there website)

..This view from the West Tower looking west toward downtown Reno, with the West parking lot in the foreground. This parking lot will be reserved solely for the race teams during the week of the SSJambo..The road on the left side of the parking lot is actually the Nugget (actual name of) offramp when coming from the west. Folks coming from the East would get off at Pyramid and turn left to get to this Hotel frontage rd.


..This view is also from the West Tower looking Northwest at the mass transit terminal which is easy walking from the hotel..


..and this view is looking North from the West Tower toward the Cinemark Theaters (with the Fountain mentioned below) which also shows additional easy parking for the rigs that you can also easily walk to.

..If you are over 10'6" in height on your rig and when checking into the hotel, do not attempt to pull in to the valet area as it has low hanging security cameras. I mention this as there is currently no sign for clearance height for this structure and I noticed someone had already hit the overhang..( I actually measured the security camera's myself knowing this might be an issue just below 11' in hgt.)

..This picture better shows the outside lane which the trucks and trailers can use anytime but it will be used on July 17th for the trucks and trailers solely to pull thru as this will be the lane for Tech Inspection.


My personal assessment of the Hotel in General..

There are no weird odors in the hotel, hallways or in the rooms. For those who stay in hotels you will know what I'm talking about.

No reason to ever leave the Hotel seriously. I actually felt as comfortable with my room as I do at home.

The Hotel and casino have an open and spacious feeling so you don't feel like you are crowded like cattle as other hotels tend to do.

All of the events are centered at, departing from, or near the Hotel..

Most any kind of food is served downstairs including inexpensive diner food which also includes above average meals open 24 hours to a high end steak house and also a fantastic buffet..There are several other food places within the hotel too..

Besides the newly open Gilley's, the new sports book as well as the new Nugget gift shop should be open before this event also.

There is a free shuttle from the nearby Reno airport to the Hotel.

..and I can't say enough about how friendly and personal the staff of the Nugget was on my visit.

I don't know what is up with this company but for the time I spent there (4 nights) I noticed that each and every employee had a genuine smile and were happy to assist in any way..Props to the Nugget as I'm not sure what they do to make their employee's so happy and to enjoy their jobs but it truly reflects on how they are to the customers and makes for a very pleasurable stay.

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..A visit at the track..

..I had talked to Eric Pender the day before and due to his schedule and having to fly out of town he would get a hold of Scott Pender to meet me out at the track..

..Scott wound up being my host, my tour guide, as well as track expert for this course..He knows every rock as well as how to race this track and he was more than happy to show me around and point out the highlights of this course.

Location just 8 minutes from the Nugget Hotel
Wild West Motorsports Park
Exit 23 Mustang either direction on I-80, located on North side

Note: Expect no wifi and spotty if any cell service at the track.

The official track website can be found here..
Wild West Motorsports Park

More of my pictures of the tentative course can be found here

..This is a good map of the Lucas course and for orientation purposes to use with my pictures but it does not show the full course for this event..


These next four shots are a pan across the track from left to right, shot from the top of the cheap seats..They definitely don't do justice for the elevation change and I am guessing at this point but I believe as a spectator you will be able to see about 97% of the whole course from the bleachers..





..The entrance to the rock section..


From the top of the rock section looking back at the bleachers..


..Now here are a few, true spy pics of the course...This is from half way up the proposed course for this race. (Note the rock pile below)



...and one final shot of the VIP section atop of the grandstands..These will have tents and coolers set up for the VIP's..


Some side notes

The drive from the Hotel to the track is as easy as it gets as you are already just out of downtown with easy access to the on-ramps, jump on the highway for 8 minutes and get off at the track itself...The drive is thru a nice, open, canyon area where the long trains that are often seen moving along the river.

Gas stations are found near the Hotel with no services near the track.

Points of interest between Hotel and track
There is a 4wheelparts, a T/A truckstop, a major water park with marina, as well as a huge shopping mall along the northside of the highway about 3-5 minutes from the the hotel on the way to the track.

..and don't forget Summit Racing is nearby and open 9-9 daily.

Please do your part for the sport and the offroad community

Pack it in, pack it out.

..I want to point out something and hope all will be aware of this issue and take part in making sure this does not happen at any race, offroad event or weekend trail run as it reflects badly on us all..

...There had just been a Lucas Race at the track prior to my visit and while Scott and I were wandering around the pits I must say I was highly disappointed at what I saw that was left by the race teams for others to clean up after them.

...From a pile of rubber from where they siped multiple tires to a 55 gallon drum of oil and?..Race fuel cans loaded with oil as well as full oil filters along with a 5 qt. rubber pan full of oil..Who do they think is going to clean up after them..WTF people.

..I'm sorry but this is an awesomely set up and immaculate race track and to see people in this day and age leaving this kind of mess for others to clean up after them is disturbing.

Please, don't be like the Lucas teams.

..and some behind the scenes spy pics of offroad and customizing shops in Reno..

..After we left the track, Scott and I headed back to John Ascuaga's Nugget to drop my truck off and catch a bite to eat..After dropping off my truck Scott drove me around thru the parking lot and under the freeway where we came out at the Century Theaters, home to this "Fountains on the Plaza"..This dancing fountain is running full-time around the clock and is a favorite for locals and tourist as a place to cool off..


..Scott asked me if there were any tourist spots I would like him to show me while we were running around and I told him those would be easy enough to find on my own..

..I already knew this is an offroad fabrication town and that many race teams from around the country either leave their vehicles here or have them worked on locally then fly out to pick them up on the way to a race.

..So I told Scott what I would really like to see are the hidden points of interest such as the offroad shops..This kinda brought a smile to his face and we were off to see who was around and who would let us in..:D

..Our first stop was to HRC (High Rollin Customs)..

..where I got to wander around the shop and spy on some of their current builds...


..our next stop was to visit where some of my money winds up..Summit Racing Equipment Facilities in Reno..


..How cool is this?...You need a part any day of the week and it's open 7 days a week, 9-9..Order your part and have it waiting in will call by the time you get there..

..Now the next couple shops we visited were currently working on closely guarded projects so I was limited as what I could shoot but they allowed me to share these and whole bunch more in my picture file..:shifty_ey

Picture file link

..Next we headed over to Trent Fabrication..





..More Spy cam shots..

..Next shop stop was Nate's Precision..A little hidden away shop which has created more centerfolds for offroad magazines than you can count..:eek:..One would think it was almost mythical when you hear tales of some of the creations that have come out of this shop..

..I don't even think they have a website or even do social media..The only thing they do is create and build one of a kind custom projects, taking just an idea and creating it from scratch..

..Now I had to shoot this truck obscure as it will be headlining magazines and more in the near future..It has some of the most incredible items fabricated to a pick up that has ever been seen..

..This is where I am reminded that I was sworn to secrecy..Seriously..(you don't know how hard this shop visit was :banghead: )


..He currently had a motorhome, an overland/Expedition type vehicle, a jeep, the truck, and a few other stealth projects going on at this time.


..Now, not only did the back of this truck hold probably the largest fridge I've ever saw (guessing 90 qt. or larger) they were items on his tailgate I overlooked..


..Then these square thingies caught my attention..These are the Flux Capacitors in the HHO world...


..After inquiring to Nate what was going on with this Expedition vehicle he mentioned he was doing an HHO conversion on it...I told him I heard about the myth of HHO and to let me know when he get's it up and running..

..He says no problem but this is a conversion as this truck has been running HHO for over a year..They are upgrading the whole system for the owner to the latest and greatest the industry hs to offer now and are told it could get a 30% increase over gasoline alone..

...My jaw hit the floor...You hear about shops like these and every once in a while you get a rare chance and find your self in one..

(If anyone is interested in this build, Nate said he would get together with me to share when he is done with the conversion this month..Let me know)

..and as my travels around the local shops of Reno came to an end, I think these guys were laughing at the drooling camera guy stumbling in wonderment as I was leaving..:D


..Now my day was not yet finished..

..Scott and I had to run over and talk to Jeff concerning the events that were up coming so we headed over to Jeff's day job..

..This is the Lincoln Electric, Torchmate facility..


..Another place with all kinds of stuff to drool over, if you are into that kind of stuff..But cameras were not allowed in the building so no pictures and all I can say is, there is some really cool stuff coming out of this company in the future..;)

..So after the little meeting and a pretty busy day, it was time to actually go grab a bite for lunch even though it was already late into the afternoon..

..Scott just happen to know this little Mexican restaurant that made these killer burrito's so after a good meal he dropped me off at the Hotel and we parted ways, but only after I thanked him for being such a gracious host and kindly taking me around to all the various shops..

..Again, I can't thank Scott Pender enough for making me feel so welcomed and showing me around the "The Biggest Little City in the World"..Reno and some of it's many offroad fabricating shops..:biggthump

..I then headed up to my room where I fired up my computer to go over the day's emails and wind down..

..That was short lived as I later received a text from Jeff Knoll that he was in the building and just finished up his meeting with the folks of John Ascuaga's Hotel and Casino, as they are the host Hotel for the Silver State Jamboree..

..He was down in the new Gilley's Saloon and Restaurant inside the Hotel which hadn't opened yet..It was their "Soft opening" to test out service and he was down their working on a couple of other important events to include in the SSJambo such as the the "Bull Riding" and Buckle Bunny" contest..

..You know we had more stuff to discuss so I headed down for another meeting...(I know.. work, work, work but someone's got to do it)..



For those wishing to go to the Silver State Jamboree in Reno Nevada, here is a overview list of what all this event has to offer.

Spectator Info

Ticket packages-prices

Grandstand tickets $25

Actual List of all of the weeks events

My simplified list of the Calendar of events (check above link for full and current info)

Monday July 14, 2014
· ORBA OHV Leadership Summit
9:00am-5:00pm RSVP Required
Nugget Casino Second Floor Hospitality Room
Join OHV Leadership from across the country for this bi-annual summit to discuss improving access for motorized recreation on public lands.

Tuesday July 15,2014
· Genright Offroad Tour to Virginia City.
9:00am-4:00pm Visit historic Virginia City home of the Comstock, lunch location and sightseeing. Participants can expect to see Wild horses, Wild Woman and Wild Times. Departs from the Nugget Casino.
· Carrera del Diablo RallyVenture™ welcome party
8:00pm-10:00pm every one welcome
Location TBD Tentative Orozko Lounge Nugget Casino. Join the 25 teams that will participate in the first ever RallyVenture. Learn details of this exciting new event, what the future will bring, and where the action starts Weds Morning.

Weds July 16,2014
· Carrera del Diablo RallyVenture event
8:00am-6:00pm 25 teams will participate in the first ever RallyVenture. The newest adventure motorsports challenge from the co-creator of King of the Hammers will combine geo cache, navigation, rocksports, and rally. The first running will be a beta test and limited to invited teams, but those interested can follow along via social media, and meet teams at various points of interest around Northern Nevada.
· Carrera del Diablo Awards Presentation and After Party
9:00pm Open to the Public Nugget Casino SSJambo Hospitality Suite.
Get all the details on the first running of the RallyVenture, who won and what the future holds for this new motorsports challenge.

Thursday July 17th, 2014
· Poison Spyder Customs Bucket of Blood Run to VC.
10:00am Requires Registration, leaves from Nugget Casino Victorian Ave. Join the PSC crew for a day trip to Virginia City and the famous Bucket of Blood Saloon. Virginia City offers a glimpse back in time to the days of Mark Twain, Mining, and Gunfighters.
· SXSPerformance UTV Run to Virginia City
10:00 am-4:00pm Requires Registration, view wild horses, the Comstock Lode and the varied landscape of Northern Nevada on the 60 mile round trip tour. Stops for Lunch in V.C. Meeting location TBD.
· Genright Truckee River Floatilla.
10:00am Meeting location TBD. Registration Required. Join the Genright Team for a 4 hour float down the Truckee River. A popular past time of locals there are few more relaxing recreation activities than floating down the Truckee River with a cold beverage. Shuttle service will be provided. (Detail’s to follow)
· 10:00-4:00pm Race Team Check In & Tech Inspection at the Nugget Casino
Located at the Nugget Casino West Parking Lot. Last minute registration at this time only.
· PRP Parrot Head Pool Party at the Nugget Casino.
5:00pm-7:00pm. join us poolside for PRP Seats now famous parrot head pool party. For its third year PRP moves the event to the SSJambo. Music, beer, a full bar, and shenanigans.
· Beer Drinking, Bull Riding, & Buckle Bunny Bender
9:00pm- Gilley’s Saloon, and Dance Hall. Nugget Casino. Just as the title says, step back to the days of Urban Cowboy for a party that celebrates boots and hats. We’ll have a bull riding contest on the mechanical bull, and a Buckle Bunny contest for the sexiest Cowgirl.

Friday 18th, 2014
· HellsGate Qualifier Racing at Wild West Motorsports Park
10:00am-3:00pm Wild West Motorsports Park Sparks, Nevada.
WWMP Raw Footage Organized.Teams will race head to head to qualify for race positions for the HellsGate Grand Prix. Heat racing for UTV, Sportsman Cup, and Unlimited 4WD Off Road Racing.
·· Downhill Deathbox Derby Registration and Practice
10:00am-3:00pm Wild West Motorsports Park Sparks, Nevada. All vehicles must register participate in the event. Practice will be staged around qualifying races.
Saturday July 19th, 2014
· HellsGate Grand Prix Wild West Motorsports Park
9:00 am Gates Open
· HellsGate Grand Prix Vendor Midway Opens
· HellsGate Grand Prix Sportsman Practice
· HellsGate Grand Prix UTV Practice
· HellsGate Grand Prix U4WD Bronze& Silver Practice
11:30 am-12:00pm
· HellsGate Grand Prix U4WD Gold Practice
· DownHill DeathBox Derby Calcutta Auction
· HellsGate Grand Prix Bronze U4WD Main Event
· Deathbox Derby Heat 1
· HellsGate Grand Prix Sportsman Cup Main Event
· DeathBox Derby Heat 2
· HellsGate Grand Prix Silver U4WD Main Event
· Deathbox Derby Heat 3
· HellsGate Grand Prix SXSPerformance UTV Challenge
4:00pm -4:45pm
· Deathbox Derby Main Event
HellsGate Grand Prix U4WD Gold Main Event
HellsGate Grand Prix Ends
Silver State Jamboree After Party in Gilley’s Saloon and Dance Hall.


If anyone has any questions from a spectator or first time attendee point of view, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Hopefully you will find this information useful in your travels.

Is that all the shops you went to? If so you missed the best one, Samco.

Did you go to the Off Road Hall Of Fame?

That Duramax at Nate's is cool, I've seen it and know all about it. I can also imagine how hard that tour was since you were carrying a camera around and I know how hard he tries to keep that Chevy under wraps until it is done and has been shot for a magazine.

Is that all the shops you went to? If so you missed the best one, Samco.

Did you go to the Off Road Hall Of Fame?

That Duramax at Nate's is cool, I've seen it and know all about it. I can also imagine how hard that tour was since you were carrying a camera around and I know how hard he tries to keep that Chevy under wraps until it is done and has been shot for a magazine.

Yep...That's all I could fit in the day (still a bunch of updating left of the rest of the day in this thread to do)...I will be back up to Reno pretty soon and hopefully a member of the Brian1 posse could get me in the back door and show me around..:D

..I did however contact a member of your posse on my way up there to see if he wanted to do some wheeling, but he was over in another town that week..

..Nates..:scratch:..I told him I was filling in for a mutual friend who had told me to come take a bunch of update pictures for the magazine..He got a kick out of that and was willing to play along so I might hear back from our friend..:p:

..But when it comes to those who ask that I don't shoot something, I simply don't shoot..It may be days or even weeks before I get around to sorting pictures and the last thing I want to do is mistakenly upload something I was asked not to..I can wait for it to come out in the magazines..:biggthump

..The hardest thing to do on this tour was to shoot bad shots in order to show something and not show the good stuff...I've even gone back and zoomed in on all the pictures just to make sure none of the secret stuff can be seen in the pics I've posted..

..But I did however get to walk the very course of the Rod Hall training area..;)

..This pre-run and visit to Reno story is now complete..

..I will be attending this event so please stay tuned for more behind the scenes as well as event photos..:popcorn:

Hopefully you and Tracy can head up the hill and join in the OHV summit, the several trail runs to Virginia City as well as one being led by Del Albright, or to watch the ralleye adventure or the big race on Saturday..

..and I can get some koozies to you..;)

..Today I joined the Social media world and started a page for "Shots by Tbars4" in hopes of better sharing some of the live back stories during these events..

So please like, or follow or whatever the heck we are suppose to do to connect..:D

..The OG 25?

..:shifty_ey..This will probably be the coolest of the races held during the SSJambo..;)

The Ralley Venture..

..The secrets of this Race are slowly being revealed starting this morning on FB..

.. A quick update on the pre run of the Rally Venture if you were following today...

..They did about 260 miles in about 12-1/2 hours to complete the test run..:eek:

...This ain't no trail ride their getting themselves into and with a hand picked 25 competitive teams, this could turn into a carnage run..:)

..I'm trying to figure out who all the 20-25 teams are in this RalleyVenture?

Poison Spyder Customs has 2
Del Albright has 1
Gen-Right has 2

With this tough race on wed, Genright will be floating down the river since they are doing their trail run to VC on tues while Poison Spyder and Del Albright will be out on a trail to VC the whole next day after the race..

GenRight's Tony Pellegrino and Corey Osborne will be two of the first two drivers in the Carrera del Diablo Rally Venture event of the 20 competitors hand picked by Jeff Knoll. The course will test the drivers skill and navigation abilities while using a street legal vehicle through the challenging Nevada backcountry. In addition to the Rally Venture, GenRight will also be holding their own Trail Ride on Tuesday and a special Rafting Trip on Thursday (for those that RSVP).

It's our very first 'beta' test with two GenRight Jeeps our Terremoto JK and Triton JK.

..Has anyone heard who the other teams might be yet?

This just in as a reply to above post..

...I just heard one OG 13 driver, a seperate OG 13 co-dawg, and a couple of Baja winners will be racing in this Inaugural RallyVenture..:eek:

..I don't see how they are going to keep these guys under control and they are bringing their built trail rigs..OMG.. How can you not want to go out and see this race in person..

This is starting to make the Big race sound like the undercard...hmmm..Except for the $25, 000 purse..I'm hoping they get enough entries for that addittional purse money..

..:shifty_ey .."EZ" Rick Mooneyham posted he will be entered and "Mustard Dog" will be there too..

...RuffStuff announced they are entered also..

..Now that we know there are a bunch of great competitors in this race, what kind of trail vehicles will be in this Inaugural Rally Venture race..

..Here is one of the entries from Gen-Right...This is Tony Pellogrino's "TerreMoto"..

..And it's already been upgraded..:eek:..This also includes more insight on what this Rally Venture race is all about.


..I'm back up in Reno covering several offroad events this week including yesterdays Off Road Summit..

Exclusive: This is the Finest group ever gathered for offroad Enthusiast as they were gathered and met today in order to better the Offroad Community. Thanks to the hard work of Fred Wiley and Jeff Knoll who worked on making this happen while it took over 2 years in the making..

Today was held the first ever, "ORBA Land Use Leadership Summit"

We owe a lot to these people so feel free to share this and tag as many people you recognize in the photo..


I will be riding along in one of the Gen-Right vehicles over the next couple days and also on their Floatilla...Thanks Tony Pelligrino

Today is the Gen-Right trail ride from Reno to Virginia City..

Tomorrow is the invite only, inaugural Rally Venture race and I will be posting up on all the events.

Did I mention there are events by Industry sponsors each nite too? I will post as soon as I can..