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All Ford Nats/ Carlisle PA: June 2-4, 2006

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holy old thread batman, but i think its cool hes getting married on may 5th, i jhust got married May 6th of this year.

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hey weener why didnt you email me? i wouldve loved to hang out and show off my fullsize chevy (its getting big :D ) at a ford event.

I'm pretty sure I sent you a PM, you turdburgler :p: Why don't you and the missus come out to our New Year's run, slacker??

we'll be at Mt. Snow, vermont from Dec26 through Jan 1

any other runs or meets planned for after the new year?

if somethings going on- email me the thread sk1er18-@-optonline-.-net (take out the dashes) or you can always catch me on AIM sk1er19

Ill be in mt snow, smuggs and jay peak the week after new years