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Need some advice


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February 20, 2003
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Biggs, CA
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92 Special Eddie
Bad day for me, i was driving home from work when all of a sudden a loud tapping noise came from my ex's rear diff, it continued for about 10 seconds and stopped, and then did it a couple more times. So when i got home i put it up on jack stands and pulled the diff cover to find that the little bolt that holds the pin that holds the spider gears had sheered off. So now that pin had ovaled out the holes in the carrier that it goes in, the carrier is shot. Is this common? What causes it? Anyways its an open diff with 3.27 gears, so i take this as a calling for new gears. im going with 4.10s for sure. Ive been reading all about lockers and it seems to me that a rear locker will make my ex not so streetable. I have another carrier that is complete, its a stock limited slip out of another ex. Are these any good? Ive heard bad things, but from people with no experience with the damn thing. Ive also heard they only last about 25k too. Also on ebay, there is a full master rebuild kit, with gears, with an eaton posi for 589$. Any thoughts on that package deal? Thanks for the advice guys

Why not just go get a 3.73 Trac-loc 8.8 from the junkyard? That will be the most cost effecient and least time consuming way to go IMO.

If you wanna spend the money on a locker go for an ARB. Drives normal then flip a switch and you are locked.

Well i already have a trac-loc in my garage, i am questioning its reliability. I have a guy who runs a shop a city over who priced me for 4.10 gears, eaton limited slip in the back, i believe a lock rite locker in the front, all installed with all new **** for 1350$. I think thats what im gonna do. ARB lockers are very expensive arent they? But worth it im sure. Im stoked, cant wait to be locked with 4.10s.........badass :cool: