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New 2014 XLT Ordered


December 8, 2013
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Bon Aqua, Tenn.
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2014 Explorer XLT 4WD
Love the Dark Side color!! We got a 2014 XLT in Sterling Gray. The last car I bought was a base level Camry in 04. The technology adjustment has been a little overwhelming at times, but I've wanted an Explorer for 20 yrs, so I can definitely enjoy getting acclimated.

Enjoy your ride!! We're going on a family vacation soon, and that will be the true test for us, LOL!!

Dark side is pretty cool. You will enjoy the ride on your vacation. I'm at six days of ownership and 620 miles. I love the Explorer. I would have never thought waiting 22 weeks and 4 days for a Ford would be worth it, until now. No problems/complaints. I do wish it had a larger fuel tank but stopping to fill up just means another chance to go. It is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever sat my butt in other than the Rolls I sat in at a dealership back in '73. It was nice till the salesman ran us out. Seems Rolls Royce salesmen don't appreciate hippies sitting in their cars. Plus the Rolls probably wasn't nearly as comfortable as I remember.
Seems you keep vehicles as long as I do. It's great to have a vehicle that makes you look forward to enjoying the ride that long.
Enjoy, I know I will.