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New Hub Option


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December 3, 1999
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'92 XLT
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know we now have another manual locking hub option in addition to warn and milemarker. Explorer Pro Comp now has hubs that look just like warns and have a lifetime warrenty, they are also less expensive than warns. 4wheelparts has them and so does drivetrain warehouse. I ordered mine today and will keep everyone posted about the results.

Ron Cox has them on his Ranger right now. They're more or less a carbon copy of the warns. Didn't offer the metal on them like we were hoping they would. They've still got some plastic on them. From what I've heard from him....they're worth the money.

please forgive me, I KNOW this is going to sound stupid, but thats because you know about cars and more specifically, SUVs. What is a hub? whats this stuff I hear about manual locking hubs, etc etc.. can you explain this **** to me?

In a nutshell hubs are a device on four wheel drive vehicles that lock the front axles to the wheels when in four wheel drive. On 91-94 explorers we sometimes have an automatic hub(and pushbutton transfercase) which is unreliable and which I have heard isn't engaged in reverse. Also when these hubs break they are very expensive to replace so they are usually replaced with the more reliable and less expensive manual hub. They only problem is that you have to get out and turn the hub to lock the axle to the wheel, and push the button to engage the t-case. So if you have automatic hubs, then you might be looking at needing manual ones someday.