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warn manual hubs questions

Blue Steel

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March 19, 2001
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Explorer '97 XLT SOHC
hey, does anyone have the warn manual locking hubs for the 95-97 explorer variety? if so, how hard was the install, and what exactly did you need to install them? my auto hubs are gone, so now i need to upgrade. thanks for the help guys. oh and also, i was reading the post for the manual hub conversion, and it said somthing about lubing something while the hubs are off of your truck. what should i lube when they're out, and what lube. also what should i lube the manual hubs with? thanks again.

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Hey now! Wait a minute man. Your truck doesn't have auto or manual hubs. They're constantly locked. The only thing controlling your 4x4 on and off is your transfercase. Did a mechanic diagnose the problem?? Something else must be wrong...

Jason is right. You don't have hubs that lock and unlock. If you have problems getting in and out of 4wd then you have transfer case problems.

what they told me is that the hubs were stripped and i need new ones. the 4x4 engages, but nothing happens to the front wheels. do you have any recommendations for hubs? i don't feel like paying 200+ per hub from the ford dealership. thanks.

Are you sure it engages? Can you actually see the front drivehaft spin? If so, then you oughta jack it up and have all 4 wheels off the ground and see what's happening down there. But be careful. That's kinda dangerous.

yeah everything's working. trust me on that one. it's the front right tire that won't spin no matter what i do. the teeth on the hub are stripped. am i the only person with a 97 attemting to do this stuff?

or am i just a complete moron? (which wouldn't surprise me one bit)

Well it sounds to me like you know what you're talking about. Altough I've never heard of it happening before, i'm sure it's a possibilty. What were you doing when it broke?

what i was doing? i engaged it in 4wd low to climb a hill in neutral. engaged it and all. waited, then put it in drive. started driving up the hill, and heard a grinding and whining from the front right wheel. said a couple choice 4 letter words and disengaged the 4wd. looked at the truck thinking it might get up and talk to me saying what that noise was. engaged 4wd again and went up the hill, but felt the front right tire slipping when the left one lost traction. then realized what the noise was.

Hmm I can only think that it got water in there or something.....but it's supposed to be a sealed unit. I'd hate to see the how much that thing costs from ford.