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OEM Running boards Make them more durable


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August 30, 2011
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2004 Ford Explorer XLT
Just a quick tip for a 100% easy job, that literally makes your running boards useful. I recently removed my OEM running boards to re-paint them because they were looking all faded out and worn. Ford decided to just make the plastic running boards with a smooth paint finish that gives little durability, or texture for slick conditions.

However with a $8 spray paint from Homedepot we can change that.

(To remove the running boards, all you need is a 13mm wrench with extension.)

1. Remove the running boards
2. Clean with Simple green, and hot water, let dry.
3. Sand the running board with soft sandpaper
4. Prime with primer, and wet sand after it dries for 24 hours.
5. Apply the truck bed liner paint, and let dry for 24 hours before putting them back on.

The result is simply amazing! The running boards look brand new, and has a very durable feeling to it.


It's from the Truck bed coating paint. There was no texture on my OEM, and caused a lot of skidding when it's muddy. It's super worth the $8, I can actually feel a different when you step on it