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This is swingset steering. I think nowadays people just use it as a "buzzword", Like you called it Danny, to try to milk more money out of some extended stock steering. But as far as i'm concerned, swingset steering is called so, because of the "swingers" on each side of the frame. But because 4WD beams are different lengths, you cannot use this system, due to different drop rates at each corner. The geometry would be different for each wheel as it droops. No bueno....

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awww paul and winters ex. i could at that thing all day. i give winter one million kudos for figuring out the geometry for the steering. so pauls truck has un-equal steering? i've never thought about it till this thread

yes, I would say unequal, but it looks to be centered and in line from the pivot point of each beam. I get a headache trying to figure out how it works, let alone thinking I could design one of my own.

Well, the statement "I stand corrected" has never been more perfect for a situation! But in all fairness, go to mcneil, autofab, or camburg, show them that picture, and it will cost you 7500 bucks. Winter is an evil genius! As a matter of fact, I think only camburg would even try to figure that setup out, just for the money! John at autofab would tell you to kick rocks, and the boys at McNeil are just not that smart!

i don't think im gonna go to mcneil, or autofab. to much money. im really really thinking about doing the same thing that "Cpt_Radical" did in this thread

why not try it, right?

later i would want to vuild some steering like winter did, but i'll probably need some geometry help :D

autofab has some sort of "swinger" steering for the d44 setup, i don't think he calls it a swingset steering though. but i think it has the same concept as winter's, but probably a little different. autofab doesn't have any good pictures of the steering on the website