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Offered 92 Explorer


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December 31, 2007
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'99 Sport
A friend of my Dad's is looking to get rid of his '92 Explorer. At this point for me he's only asking $1000 and he will do payments for it. My understanding is that his engine is blown. The things I really want for my truck right now are leaf springs at the top of the list and there's few other things as well, but I'm not sure how much I could possibly take off a 92. He said he's got a lift kit on it and 35" Super Swampers. And it will come with 3 sets of tires. I have a 99 Sport, no lift and it's running stock gear ratios and tires. I've only got the 3.27s to boot.

I really don't have anywhere to put it anyways, and like I said right now the thing I'm after is the leaf springs. If there's anything else that could be worthwhile to transfer to my 99 I'm all ears, otherwise if you're interested at all I can get contact info for him and maybe help you out. Thanks.

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That's all I really need right now, at least to my knowledge. If I don't get them off of that it's fine, I have nowhere to keep it anyways. I've already got enough money sunk into my 99 and I know it'll get much better mileage. It'd be cool to have a dedicated off-road rig, but again, nowhere to work on it and store it. Maybe if my brother wanted to go in on it with me we could fix it up. But we both have to fix our own trucks first. I don't know if the lift would even fit my truck, that's some research I haven't had time for yet and if I need to buy my own kit, that's going to be a long, long time from now. So thought I'd find out if there was anything worthwhile that I might get out of it for $1000 for my truck or if I should just hold off and get the springs from a junk yard.

Yeah pretty much. I did happen to find some time to look and found that the lift wouldn't work for mine, I've got IFS and the 92 from what I've read has TTB. And I'd rather not spend the time to try to convert that over, plus I like the way this one works better. But yes as far as I know all I need is the leaf springs, but I'm not even sure if it his was a 2 or 4 door, if it's a 2 then I need nothing off of it.

Yes I have horrible rear end sag, Ford's ingenious idea to put a monoleaf on the Sports left me with a bouncy sagging rear end that can barely handle a 1000lb boat. Maybe about 1500 w/ gear and 4 guys. (in the truck)

There's a sticky using the F-150 springs in the Explorers, helps the sag and gives a bit of laugh. I believe the 2 and 4 door has the same spring length though, but you might want to check on that.

Oh yeah, the 4 doors springs will fit, I've done plenty of research on that, and I've heard that on the Sports it will give a slight lift. Which in time will come in handy, I will eventually put the Warrior Shackles on the rear end and lift the front with the torsion bars. I think I'll probably do the 4dr leafs over the F-150s just for the simplicity of it.

I hear ya. I'm trying to find a place to park my first generation. It runs good but being away at college, I just drive it short trips across town, so instead of doing 45-55 for 15-16 miles at a time like at home, I'm doign 25 for 1-2 miles. It's killing my mileage. I'm trying for a 95-99 BMW 3-Series, lol. I figure for the money I want to spend, might as well go luxury. Plus I have a German last name, so it's only fitting.

I have a French last name but you'll never see me in a Peugot or Citroen.

Mine's English, but I don't see myself in a Rolls-Royce any time soon. My trips are generally short so the 2nd gen is great. And it should be more than capable as soon as I get some more money for it. I need to get 4.10s so I can run some bigger tires. 3.27s aren't going to get me anywhere. But that's a lot more work, money and time than I've got right now. I'll probably have my racing buddy help me put in 4.10s, I imagine he has much more patience than I do, seeing as he rebuilds the 7.5 rear end in his Ranger yearly, I suppose when you throw the power of a 4.6 at it, might tear it up sufficiently.

I hear ya, i told my dad that reason for me looking at them

and i quote

that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard, but it's your money

Nice cars though. Hell I've actually thought about getting a little tiny Geo Metro to drive around for the mileage and keep the truck for truck use. I'd sure miss it though. But again, I'd have to find a good place to park it. Maybe just put it up on my roof rack, damn things are like go-karts with a body. I digress looks to me like there won't be much I can really do with the 92. Having the wheels and tires would be nice though. He said it'll come with 3 sets of tires and it'd be nice to get a new set of wheels, so when I do decide to make it capable of clearing 31s+ I've got wheels to put them on.

You can probably part out that 92 and make your $1000 back. Otherwise I wouldn't get it. You can get junk yard leaf springs for ~$100 probably and be done with it. Or a $30 set of add-a-leaf from summit.

I think a visit to the junk yard is in my future.

Ask how much for a set of those tires. I'm running 35x14.5R15 Swamper SSR and need some replacements dirt cheap