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Official ET/MPH List

PLEASE ONLY PM ME WITH YOUR NEW OR UPDATED TIMES/MODS. If you only post your mods/times they will most likely be overlooked and not added.

This is the official ET/MPH list. PM me any relevant info on your run, aka time slips and videos. Also list your mods, try and follow the format you see below. If you dont have the time to follow the format, ill organize your info, but any help is appreciated.

Suggestions are welcomed. We will use only vehicles relevant to this forum. I only used 1/8th on my personal run because I have not hit the 1/4 yet, but send what you have.

Lets get a list going guys and gals... Stock, modified, whatever!!!!

Naturally Aspirated

1) Turdle ( aka jtsmith) :
R/T .626
2.073 60'
9.375@73.08 1/8
6.014 330'
12.310 1000'.
Mods: A(1998 Mountaineer),E ( Professional Products Typhoon),F ( Edelbrock performer with a bit of touching) FF(347ci) G ( FMS x 303) J ( Torque Monster Big exit, Magnaflow cats, rear cats gone, magnaflow and hooker mufflers, mac tilpipe) ,K ( SCT by James Henson ), S ( 4.030 bore X 3.400 stroke) , X ( 91 octane), AA(part-time 4x4 4406),DD ( art carr 3000 RPM flash), FF ( lightning maf, KN filter, home made intake tube),XX The other guy distracted me


A) 2002 Explorer 4x4, I) Flowmaster 70 w/2.5" single exhaust, K) SCT3 from, M) 275/45/20's, FF) 4.6L, ZZ) Weight Reduction(2nd/3rd row seats and spare.)

Timeslip(#971): from 11-20-2010
-R/T .407
-60' 2.163
-330' 6.220
-1/8 9.655
-MPH 71.58
-1000' 12.623
-1/4 15.145
-MPH 88.77
3)Techieman33-- r/t 2.48' / 60' 2.32 / 330' 6.498 / 1/8@9.948@71.25mph / 1000 12.959/ 1/4 15.517@88.04
Mods: A(2000 Mountaineer),E(phenolic intake spacer),J(custom flowmaster 50 series exhaust,torque monster headers),AA,EE(MAC CAI),K(xcallII ),FF(302ci 5.0 pushrod)

4) carguy3j: R/T -- .288 / 60' 2.283 / 330' 6.651 / 1/8 10.211@69.00mph / 1000 13.280 / 1/4 15.876@86.62
Mods: A (1999 Explorer XLT 4dr), FF (4.0L-SOHC), AA (Auto, a4wd), K (SCT Xcal3 w/ custom 93 octane tune-Henson), EE (K&N FIPK Cold Air Kit), ZZ (no spare tire and rear cargo mat removed, and approx 1/8 tank of gas)

5) cheesypoofs: 10.282@67.375 1/8th / 0.272 reaction / 2.230 60'
Mods: A) 98 XLT B) 4700 C) 76* I) MAC catback K) X3 and 93 street tune from EE) MAC cold air intake FF) 5.0

6) 1996exploererxlt: 16.627@82.34, R/T .089 / 2.396 60' / 10.680@66.14 1/8
Mods: A(00 Mountaineer), C(85-90*), E(Mac Intake), I(Flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust), M(30x9.5 Wranglers), AA(AWD)

7) dpxtwo: 16.054@86.78, 60 ft -2.361 / 330 -6.742 / 1/8 -10.334@68.03 / 1000 -13.446
Mods: A (2006 Explorer EB V8 2wd), C (1,000ft/76 degrees/43%), I (FM 50 SUV, tube resonator), X (Pump Gas), EE (K&N, Custom Ram Air)

8) anti_rice_guy: 16.84@79.91/2.367 60'.
Mods: A(2006 explorer xlt),EE(k&n drop in),FF(4.0 v6),AA(awd)

9) cdw6212r: 17.16@82.2/11.18@66.7 1/8th/2.83 60ft
Mods: A(1998 Mountaineer AWD 5.0), D, M (255/60/18's), ZZ(zexel-torsen diff, big sway bars, 12.7566x1.25'' rotors)

10) turboexplorer: 17.948@73.93 / .129 RT / 2.478 60' / 14.925 1000' / 11.402@60.27mph 1/8th / 7.319 330'
Mods: A(98' Explorer XLT), B(5,300), D, M(31's), AA(AWD), FF(5.0)


Power Adder

1) mounty03: 12.433@109.2mph / 7.935@88.28mph 1/8th / 1.74 60'
Mods: A (2003 Mountaineer), B (4860 lbs.), C (257 Ft./78*/73%), E (HPS Hardball'r Intake), F (Mustang GT), G (Mustang GT)
I (Stock manifolds with 3" exhaust), J (3" Magnaflow muffler), K (SCT PRP tuned on street), P (MMR Street Mod 800 shortblock)
U (Precision 6176 Turbo, 15 psi), W (Snow Performance), AA (5R55W trans, AWD), EE (Blowthrough), FF (4.6 SOHC)

4pointslow: 12..086@105.20mph 1/4 mile / 8.121@83.51mph 1/8th mile / 1.796 60' / RT .102
Mods: A (1998 Explorer Sport), B (4430 lbs), C (145 FT/40*F), E ( lower intake / LFP single Blade ThrottleBody), F (Supersix Motorsports), G (Supersix Motorsports), H (JBA shorty headers), I (2.5 inch Magnaflow high flow Cats and custom pipes/Flowmaster super 44 mufflers 2.5inch in and out), K (SCT Pro Racer Software/Xcalibrator4), N(Black Magic Extreme 180), T(Intercooled and modified GT500 H/M122 / 3.3 inch pulley /18 psi), W(Snow Performance), X (93 oct pump gas), Z (Custom Liquid Intercooler by Bell Intercoolers), AA(Automatic 4WD(Control Trac), 4.88 Differential Gears F&B), DD(Factory Converter 2900Stall), EE(GT500 Maf sensor,housing,airfilter/Home Depot 4 inch sewer pipe), FF(stock bottom end 4.0 SOHC V6 with ARP head studs), ZZ(2003 Explorer Sport spindles and 12 inch rotors, On board PC for tuning,monitor in sunvisor)

3) jah81592: 8.27@84.53 1/8th.
Mods: A(1998 x sport),B(4,000),C(bama dragway 40*),E,G,K(henson custom tuning via sct livewire),M(stock steel wheels and mickey et drags 26x8.5-15,225/70-15 front steel wheels all the way around),J(dynomax race bullet muffler no cats),U(single 8psi)W,CC,ZZ(5r55e),FF(sohc 4.0 v6) VID:

4) Jakee: 13.4304 1/4 [MENTION=234733]10[/MENTION]1.58 / .4968 Reaction / 2.0716 60' / 8.5980 1/8 @81.48
Mods: A (2001 Explorer Sport), B (4000 LBS), C (NA), E (Stock), F (Stock), G (Stock), J (JBA Shorties, Borla ProXS, 3" single), K (SCT PRP personally tuned), N (Yes), O (No), U (STS 60-1 T04E @ 9LBS), X (YES), AA (2WD), DD (Stock), EE (Custom Blow through), FF (4.0 SOHC)

5) rocket 5979 AKA KBX: 13.63@98.93/1.96 60'/8.72@80.87 1/8th.
Mods: A(2003 Explorer 4D),I,K,M,N,T(Kenn Bell 2.2, 9psi),X,CC,EE,XX(wheel spin off launch)FF(sohc 4.6 v8) VID:

6) awdrocks: 9.015@78.3 1/8th/2.003 60'.
Mods: A(2002 Explorer 4D EB),B(4,856),C(1,200/78*),F(Fox Lake Stage II),G(Comp 262's),H(Shortys/2.5 true duals), K(xcalII),M(20x10/295-40-20's),N,O,Q(304ci),T(Eaton m90, 9psi),X,BB,EE,XX(two intake vacuum leaks, very detuned from timing, short shifting),FF(sohc 5.0 304ci)


Performance Modifications and Vehicle Info

A) Vehicle and Year
B) Race Weight w/Driver
C) Elevation of Track/Temp/Humidity
D) Completely Stock
E) Intake Manifold
F) Cylinder Heads (Brand)
G) Camshafts
H) Long tube or Shorty Headers/Stock Catback
I) Stock Headers/Aftermarket Catback
J) Full Aftermarket Exhaust (Headers to tips,specify)
K) PCM Modification
L) Lighter than Stock Wheels and Tires (Specify)
M) Heavier than Stock Wheels and Tires (Specify)
N) Electric Fan
O) Electric Water Pump
P) Built Stock Displacement Shortblock
Q) Big Bore (Specify Displacment)
R) Stroker (Specify Displacment)
S) Big Bore plus Stroker (Specify Displacment)
T) Supercharger (Specify Brand/Size/Boost Level)
U) Turbocharger(s) (Specify Brand/Size/Boost Level)
V) Nitrous (Specify Shot Size/Dual or Single Stage)
W) Methanol
X) Pump Gas
Y) Race Gas
Z) Ice Box
AA) Driveline, AWD / Part-Time 4X4 / 2wd
DD) Aftermarket Stall Converter (Stall Speed)
EE) Filter/CAI/Snorkel Mod
FF) Motor
XX) Handicap Disadvantages (Specify)
ZZ) Other (Tranny swap eg;5r55w to 4R70, IRS to Solid, V6 to V8 swap etc...)

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forgot i had posted here in the past. new timeslip


the run from this timeslip

and the mods

347 stroker
TFS twisted wedge alum heads
comp gold 1.6 rockers
comp cams CCA-35-556-8 nitro cam
heavily modified edelbrock victor jr air gap intake (which serves as a valley pan now)
eaton m122 supercharger (metco 2.70 pulley, and ASP 7 1/4 crank pulley) with custom made mount with bell intercooler core
custom made 3 1/2 inch throttle body elbow
accufab 75mm throttle body
4 inch intake pipe
PMASS MH90 90mm Universal 3000 KG/HR MAF
amsoil cone filter
F.A.S.T. 60lb injectors
edelbrock fuel rails, trick flow specialties fuel pressure regulator with summit racing fuel pressure gauge
walbro 255lph fuel pump
1/2 inch steel braided fuel pressure line from tank to rail using 8AN fittings
torque monster headers
2 1/2 duel pipes with flowpro duel in and out 2 1/2 single muffler
accel extreme 9000 ceramic 45 degree plug wires with boot protectors
4R70W w/2600 stall with J mod
tuff stuff 200a alternator
Turdle powder coated lower intake, timing chain cover, water inlet, steel heater lines, oil dipstick
tuning made possible with sct pro-racer package, and tuned with major help from member [MENTION=102869]Dono[/MENTION] and [MENTION=81804]4pointslow[/MENTION]
flex a lite duel 12 inch electric fans
big 3 upgrade (4 gauge wires)
meziere innercooler water pump
2 froozenboost innercooler rads

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12.64 @ 108 is damn good for an Explorer:burnout:

What was the previous best?

Ever think of disabling the alternator during a run?

Ever think of disabling the alternator during a run?

i dont really want to to that. with all the electronics in the truck i think the voltage may drop too much and not work the way they should

Got ol' heavy rollin pretty good Tim!

thanks jon. its come a long way since you've seen it or drove it

12.64 @ 108 is damn good for an Explorer:burnout:

What was the previous best?

13.1 at 102 mph. that was with the m112 on it