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Official Ny Thread!!

nice well hows the 2nd weekend of aug. sound?!

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I am unsure of the laws, think for vol. fire its blue in NY but im not sure, I am a vol. ems in nyc and I have red grill, and rear deck lights and a red dash mount light and I have never had any issues with PD. As long as they arent being used
I dont think you'll have any issues. As of now that a good one for me but I will keep posted to let you guys know if that changes.

im a vol. firefighter also,SS6FD baby!! blue is our colors, the cops up here arent really to bad on the red lites as long as there not in use, but some state that they should be coverd but...

99-5.0explorer said:
i sent pm's to all the ny ppl iv seen/found if you find any send them over to the thread, lets get a meet up and goin,.... theres places around here that are mild to easy trails... but like i said im down for even just a meet and greet etc

Got your PM, sorry, but work has been eating up all my time...I should get the updates to this post so I'll keep in the loop.

If I can I'll make it to where ever.

it's a bit late but i guess I'll throw my name up in here for any future NY threads. Just got my Exp late last month and it's already been hit by some wreckless fool so if anyone knows a decent body/paint shop in Brooklyn feel free to pm me ;).

just introducing myself guys...bought an old '97 sport yesterday and want to get it off-road (nothing outrageous it's stock...for now!!)..i'm in Utica (i don't know why either)


Me too Im a few dozen posts new to the whole site and it got my 91 up and running like a banshee . Im modding the hell out of it and its starting to come together nice. I live in Jersey but i have a place near Lake George, and Im up there almost every other weekend in the summer. So I have dual citizenship. I know this is a late post here but after reading all the threads on how to fix my X now im just jumping around the site seeing what is going on.

I read that somebody goes wheeling in Wharton state forest, that is up in sussex county and i used to go snowmobiling up there, and it was excellent riding for being an hour outside of the big apple. not bad at all, and once we wound up in NY state many miles from home, i gues interconnecting fire trails.

But never wheeled on them. If the guy who goes there is reading this can you post a link or give a heads up if its still ok?

well guys im always up for wheelin!! hahah... finaly got my tube front bumper made,lift,etc just waitin on the 34-10.50 LTB's!!!!!!!!!! pm meet if you interested thinkin of gettin a meet n greet together(BBQ possibly a pig roast) im in schenectady/albany theres a few nice trails up here nothing to wild(mud,sand,lite rocks,good times hahaha)

anyone want to buy my truck?

hey all
I'm In Syracuse going to school and I'm always up for some wheeling
there are a few spots round here
whispering pines, and some lil trails I've been on

get at me if you guys wanna organize a run

How about we do some "Explorer racing" :cool:

Anyone up for Floyd Bennett Field racing??? PM me guys!!! Plus I hope we can some snow here in NYC, so I can crush the streets while my cousins are trying to get out their Maxima and G35s out the snow. :p:

hey i'm in amsterdam, ny. 95, i think i might have seen u a few times. i used to live over on campbell ave by the mall. i have a dark blue 99, that used to have a MTX AUDIO Winshield Decal. IT was taken off due to my entire $4000 system being stolen. i just joined the board, but will keep myself up to date and would love to do a meet and greet/ run somewhere. Spring??